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The Benefits of Owning a Wine Cooler


If your Friday nights revolve around good music, wine, and celebrating life with your friends, our recent post can tell you all about the best investment you could make – a good wine cooler. Whether you love cooking with wine or even adding it to some of your dishes, preserving the true flavors of the wine requires some expertise and equipment. 

So, next time you host a wine party at your house, make sure to impress your guests with your brand new thermoelectric wine cooler, which is the loft equivalent of a cellar, in case your property doesn’t allow you to have one. Here are the main benefits of such an accessory.


It helps to organize your collection

If you own a large collection of wine bottles, you’ll need a place to store them properly and organize them by year, taste, color, tannins, or other criteria. A wine cooler, although significantly smaller than your own wine cellar, will help you keep track of your favorite Bacchus liquor and easily identify your favorite bottles without having to search too much. 

Easy access to wine will make your life more pleasant and will certainly help you work around your parties where everyone needs something else. Besides, it will also help you pair each course with the right type of wine while keeping the rest at the perfect temperature, which leads us to the next reason why a wine cooler is a good idea. 


It keeps your wine from spoiling

Despite the saying that wine only gets better with age, we are still talking about a perishable good that needs to be stored in proper conditions. High humidity, direct sunlight exposure, heat, or even a mild temperature spike are enough to turn any wine bad and ruin your collection. 

Naturally, the first impulse when you’re buying a new bottle of wine is to put it in the fridge to keep it from going bad. However, natural freezers don’t provide the proper temperature for storing wine which means that you won’t get the most of the flavor, taste, and smell from that bottle. 

Depending on the type, wines are best stored at temperatures between 52 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. White wines are best served cold, while most red wines should be served at room temperature, as long as it doesn’t exceed 66-68 degrees. That being said, the best way to store your wines is to invest in a wine cooler. 

Don’t forget about humidity also as it can become a major factor in spoiling or keeping your wine good. If the humidity in your wine cellar or cooler exceeds 70%, it will damage the cork which will cause the wine to oxidize and spoil. Therefore, the ideal humidity for storing your wine, regardless of its color, is between 50-70%. 

Unlike a wine cellar that requires a bigger investment in terms of keeping the perfect temperature and humidity conditions, a wine cooler is ready to store your favorite bottle of reds, whites, or rosés as soon as you plug it in. Some can even allow you to set up two different temperatures, so you can store both red and white ones at the same time, without altering their taste or flavor. 

Most of these accessories have enough room for 6-12 bottles of wine, sometimes even more, which means there is enough space if you want to host a soiree or party at your house. 


It protects your wine from vibrations

Red wines are known to “throw sediments” as they age, which makes them have a certain after taste and also less clarity. Although a natural process, sedimentation can be disturbed by the constant vibrations of regular fridges or wine cellars. 

Most wine cellars are located downstairs, close to the basement, where the humidity and temperature can be easily controlled, unlike vibration levels. Loudspeakers or constant walking around the house are enough to interfere with the sedimentation process of your wine, keeping it unclear. 

If you want to prevent this, investing in a wine cooler is a must. These devices are designed to have silent motors and absorb the extra vibrations, providing the perfect environment for your red wine to age beautifully. This way, all the wine sediments will remain at the bottom of the bottle, leaving you with a clear liquor to taste. 

Don’t forget that you should store your red wines in the same position inside the wine cooler until you are ready to open a bottle to prevent the sediments from getting in contact with the rest of the bottle content. 


It saves you money

Another great thing about wine coolers is that they look more pretentious and fancy than they are. Most of them come with sleek, elegant designs, helping you elevate your kitchen style with a minimum investment. A good wine cooler doesn’t cost more than $300 but will make your kitchen, bar, or living room look professional and fancy.

Apart from being affordable, wine coolers can help you save money in the long term by preserving your wine bottles in perfect conditions and preventing them from going bad. As a result, you can easily invest in your favorite bottles, even if they cost a little extra, and you won’t have to worry about throwing the content after a couple of days. 

Most of these kitchen accessories are equipped with at least one vertical shelf that allows you to store an opened bottle and save it for later. Kept in the right position and temperature conditions, a bottle of wine can be enjoyed even two weeks after it was opened, without worrying about altered tastes or smells. 


It is environmentally friendly

The constant trend of keeping the Earth green and reducing carbon emissions has forced developers to come up with alternative solutions for their products, and make them more suitable in terms of energy. 

It is also the case of wine coolers that use a thermoelectric medium for cooling, as opposed to common compressor-based products that burn more fuel. In the long term, this helps you save energy and keep the environment clean. 

Moreover, there are no dangerous emissions or chemicals used in the cooling process, which is why a wine cooler is the best choice to keep your beverages cold. 


It can store all your beverages

Yes, a wine cooler can be used to keep all your favorite beverages at the perfect temperature, not too cold, not too hot. You can store anything inside from fresh juices to water, beer, soda, fresh milk, or coffee-based drinks. Since the temperature inside a wine cooler doesn’t exceed 65 degrees, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage without worrying about a sore throat the next morning. 



If we haven’t convinced you yet that a wine cooler is a smart investment, perhaps the portability of such an accessory will change your mind. 

As opposed to fridges, wine coolers can be easily carried from one room to another and stored in small areas. This way, you can enjoy your favorite glass of wine or any other choice of beverage regardless of where you are, without having to make an additional trip to the kitchen. 

Consider installing a wine cooler in your living room, bedroom, or man cave and help yourself with a cold glass of wine anytime you fancy. As opposed to regular ice boxes that are small and only keep your drinks cold for a few hours, once you plug in your wine cooler, you can enjoy cold beverages any time you like. 

What’s even better is that you won’t have to worry about having a lot of space for installing the unit. 

Spaces like bookshelves, cupboards, and office tables have been successfully turned into built-in wine coolers, perfect for when you’re having friends over. If you don’t want the extra work, you can keep the accessory as it is and simply put it on the floor, on counters, or in one of your kitchen cabinets. 

And, since we have mentioned the coolers’ small dimensions, another advantage is that you can bring them with you to any party. You can share the cooler with your best friends and take turns depending on who is hosting the soiree so that your favorite bottle of rose is always ready for a night of gossip and good vibes. 




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