About Us

TheWorldWideWine is an online publication that talks about and promotes everything about the art of wine appreciation, from the grapes that make our favorite elixir to the science behind its distinctive tastes and smells.

But here’s the thing about wine appreciation: so many people who are interested in taking part in this wonderful world get turned off by all the snobs. You know who we’re talking about: the sommeliers who look down on people who drink Zinfandels or boast about their time backpacking across the Tuscan region of Italy. These gatekeepers are the reason the wine world gets a bad rep.

We’re here to change that.

Come and Have a Glass of Vino

At The World Wide Wine welcomes everyone; the only requirement is a love for a good glass of wine, be it red, white, rosé, sparkling, dessert, fortified, boxed.

We’re an online magazine BY wine lovers FOR wine lovers, but we also want to invite everyone else into the wine world and give them a glimpse of just why we love this drink so much.

We want to make wine appreciation more accessible and easier to get into for more people; after all, the more people who enjoy wine, the more people to enjoy wine with.


Our Authors

Chester Wentzfeld is a licensed sommelier who honed his palate in California, Argentina and France. A Napa Valley native, Chester was born and raised around wine, with his family owning a wine distributorship that exposed him to the wonderful world of wine at an early age.

He attended some of culinary schools in America and France before embarking on a two-year long sommelier journey that took him to the wine-producing regions of Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Australia.

When he’s not providing his professional palate to wine makers, 5-star hotels, and private connoisseurs, he goes hiking in the Oregon woods with his wife and children.

Shannara Marstein has been a science nerd for as long as she can remember, from graduating high school three years early to earning a bachelor’s degree for mechanical engineering and food science –and then attending Harvard for her master’s degree in food history and anthropology.

But she was able to meld this love for science and numbers with her other love: wine. Currently, she serves as an oenologist in North America, lending her scientific expertise to wine producers. When she isn’t science-ing her way across the wine world, she maintains TheWorldWideWine by writing on her favorite subjects.

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