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A tongue in cheek look at wine and the wine scene. Wine doesn't always have to be serious...

Believe it or not, there is a funny side. Enjoy yourself reading these articles with your favorite red, white, or rosť, loved ones and friends.

Norton and Kramden tasting wine

A Fine Friends, Fine Wine (Maybe)

Good friends at a wine tasting.

I am starting with a series of my own, the top ten reasons I hate wine. Look around this site. I am always talking about how much I love the fermented grape, with or without food, fine wine, cheap wine, etc. Take a look at this series and you'll see what I hate. Join me and compare your reasons with mine. But even if you don't laugh, take a look at the rest of the site for reasons to love wine.

The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Wine

One, The Unconscionable Expense
Two, The Embarrassing Lack Of Knowledge
Three, No Wine Cellar
Four, I Can't Get The ... Bottle Opened
Five, The Insomnia
Six, Food Problems
Seven, Wine Snobs
Eight, Those Smells, Those Tastes
Nine, Those Colors
Ten, Home Brew And The Solution

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