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Venetian royal wine goblet

This Venetian royal wine goblet is too beautiful to drink from. Just think who brought it to her or his lips in centuries past. And Veneto wine can still be quite fine.

Our Introduction To Wine Glasses

Rounville presents her ideas about wine glasses and decanters. You'll want to see what she has to say before making any purchases for yourself or for others.

Title: Wine Glasses

Author: April Rounville

There are nearly as many types of wine glasses as there are varieties of wines, it seems. Of course many wine glass types were specifically made for particular types of wine, such as the traditional rounder red wine glass style.

I myself particularly enjoy the stem less cabernet / merlot wine glasses set that I found at http://www.wineenthusiast.com . They were very reasonably priced and have certainly made a wonderful addition to my wine bar area.

The cabernet / merlot stem less wine glasses are just perfect. I'd been looking for some stem less wine glasses for some time, but hadn't found just the right style that I had in mind. The Wine Enthusiast U Cabernet / Merlot stem less wine glass sets are just what I what in mind.

In addition to the stem less wine glasses, I found some very nice decanters and a few other wine accessories. At the same website I found some very beautiful beer glasses that I just had to get to add to my husband's collection.

Did you know that decanters serve a purpose and are not merely pretty vessels in which to store wine or liquor? Especially when it comes to sediment rich fluids such as red wines, a decanter helps to separate the clear portions of liquid from the dirtied, or sediment rich, portions of the same fluid.

So, when liquid is kept in a decanter, it is the clear portion of a sediment rich liquid that has been poured off the top and put into a smaller container to retain the clarity of this isolation. An advanced decanter will even keep the wine trickling down the sides in order to keep the sediment separated from the clear liquid.

Wine decanters are typically very vertical and tall decanters that are simple or ornately decorated. Even the simplest wine decanters typically will have an elegant shape or extreme curve to draw attention to their styling in some way.

Many wine decanters have a raised segment on the very bottom of the decanter for sediment to settle around and sink to the bottom, while wine that is poured is more likely to be the clear liquid that has been isolated from the rest.

Anyhow, when I was at the Wine Enthusiast website I picked up a very striking wine decanter, called the Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter. It has a nice sweeping neck that flares to a wide and elliptical base. I found the dimensions of this particular decanter to best serve a maximum breathing room for my wine while offering a modern design in pristine lead crystal.

About The Author
April Rounsville used to be a bartender with over 7 years of experience. She later retired to become a freelance wine critic and a writer for a number of wine books. In these books, she specializes on finding the right glassware and utensils for your bar.

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