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To me going to this French food and wine exhibition is like a kid being unleashed in a toy store...

French Food And Wine Exhibition

French food and wine exhibition

But why ruin your food and wine experience by with the wrong pairing?

Wine And Food - What Partners

Wine and food. Did you ever feel that you could use some help? Just about everybody does. While we can't promise you that by reading one or two articles you'll be able to find turn that upcoming dinner party with your partner's boss into a breeze, but you will get several practical ideas. Furthermore, with a few well-placed clicks you can find the carbohydrate count of a myriad of wines, beers, and other libations. And a few articles can help you deal with that often dreaded restaurant wine experience. While we do not necessarily agree with each author's affirmations, we only present articles that we feel are of value. We plan to add relevant articles from time to time.

Season Your Christmas With Cranberries and Champagne

Did you ever think of pairing Champagne with Cranberries? Click here to read more.

Cooking With Wine
By: Dan Maynard

Maynard explains what wine does when used in cooking. Now you'll have another reason to stock your wine cabinet.

"Want to add some pizzazz to your favorite dish? Trying adding some wine next time! If added correctly, wine can provide..."
Cooking With Wine

Counting Carbs With Wine
Author: Bob Skilnik

Did you know that all wines contain some carbohydrates? Skilnik presents in detail the relationship between wine, which some of us love, and carbohydrates, which some of us don't love. He includes a short list of low-carb wines and a link to a website with the carbohydrate count for 400 wines and numerous other drinks.

"The recent health claims that wines have antioxidants in them that may block free radicals, prevent heart disease, cancer, and other conditions associated with aging seems to have some validity. Polyphenol..."
Counting Carbs With Wine

Choosing wine to match food
Author: Claire Calkin

Calkin not only suggests which foods compliment what wines, she also lists combinations to be avoided. Not wanting to spoil either the wine or the food, we haven't tested these no-nos, but we have the feeling that she is right on.

"Creating the prefect mix between wine and food can be a challenge if you're not entirely sure what you're doing. With such an array of wine and food..."
Choosing wine to match food

The Harmony between Food and Wine
Author: Dan Phillipe

Phillipe not only tells you which wine and food combinations are likely to fly, he also explains why. Make sure to follow his closing advice.

"The right combination between food and wine is a source of ultimate bliss for every connoisseur. Both wine and food..."
The Harmony between Food and Wine

How to Order Wine in a Restaurant
Author: Jason (The Snob)

This article includes tips on wine selection, interacting with your wine server, the serving ritual, and other good points as well.

"...It's a good idea to keep reading because you might humiliate someone if you dare ask for a bottle of "2-Buck Chuck" on your next outing."
How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

Ordering Wine in a Restaurant
Author: Stuart Glasure

The basics of ordering wine. It's chock full of good recommendations.

"...Keep in mind that even the experts will not be familiar with every selection on a wine list. If you..."
Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

Using Cooking Wine
By: Andrew Hall

Cooking with wine and using cooking wine are two very different balls of wax, as shown in this article.

"Cooking wine is sort of a holdover from Prohibition. People who grew up thinking..."
Using Cooking Wine

Wine Selecting Tips - Basic Advice on Choosing a Wine at Dinner
By: Sean M

This article touches a lot of bases including the health aspects of red wine and vintner's terms. M. makes numerous specific suggestions for pairing wine and food. This is the kind of article that you may wish to read several times.

"...Of the thousands of wine choices now available, which of them should you set on the dinner table along with your steak? Which should you..."
Wine Selecting Tips - Basic Advice on Choosing a Wine at Dinner
If you like to drink wine with your meals but want low carb recipes the web is a great place to look.  You can find great low carb dessert recipes as well as tasty low carb chicken recipes and much more. 

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