My Own Italian Wine Reviews - Second Half 2010

While I feel fine showcasing other people's wine articles, I'd like to give you the chance to read some of my own...

Every author feels that she or he is unique. I haven't seen a series of articles quite like mine. I love Italian wine and food and I writing a series on the wines and foods of Italy's twenty regions. That should keep me busy for some time, and I hope you'll join me on this journey. You may even find some bargains, I have. I am adding articles on a regular basis. Be sure to visit my other wine review series.

A 2010 Veneto, Italy Vino Novello

" ...Interestingly enough their website does not mention this particular wine... "

A 2010 Veneto, Italy Vino Novello

A Grecanico From Sicily

" Recent DNA studies have shown that the Sicilian Grecanico grape... "

A Grecanico From Sicily (Under $10)

An Organic Barbera D'Asti

" ...Don't expect a Barolo at this price... "

A Barbera D'Asti (Under $15)

An Inexpensive Barbera D'Asti

" ...As a 2008 this Barbera D’Asti now holds Italy’s top wine designation, DOCG where the G stands for Guarantita and you can guess what that means, or more accurately, might mean. ... "

An Inexpensive Barbera D'Asti

A Pinot Grigio From Sicily

" ...Why would a major Abruzzi wine cooperative dealing with thousands of Abruzzi growers go halfway across Italy and then cross the Tyrhennian Sea for grapes available in their own region? ... "

A Pinot Grigio From Sicily (Under $10)

A Biodynamic Chianti

" ...The Chianti was long with cherries (maybe that's the Ciliegolo signing in), good acidity, and light oak... "

A Biodynamic Chianti (Under $15)

A Barbera d'Alba

" ...This single-vineyard Barbera gives you a taste of the latest vintage from Piedmont, and for a song!... "

A Barbera d'Alba

A Really Inexpensive Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

" ...I remember a similarly priced one from March, 2005 that kept me from purhcasing a potential twin for several years... "

A Really Inexpensive Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

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