The Prosecco Wine And Food Experience

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Prosecco Wine And Food Pairing

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What You Need To Know About Prosecco Wine And Food

Prosecco is a sparkling, fruity white wine made in the Tre Venezie region of northeastern Italy. It is made by a simpler, less expensive method than Champagne. The secondary fermentation takes place in pressurized tanks rather than in the bottle itself. Suggested food pairings include Clams.

Prosecco wine usually starts at about $10. Among the fairly good choices for this often disappointing wine are the apple and grapefruit tasting Zardetto Brut Prosecco Spumante NV in the $13 range. The word Di Conegliano on a Prosecco label means the wine is likely to be peachy while Valdobbiadene refers to an acidic wine with a higher mineral content. I wouldn't pay such a price but the Ruggeri Prosecco Cartizze at about $32 comes well recommended. Only about one Prosecco bottle out of thirty comes from the Cartizze vineyards, but that's still about 8 million a year.

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