The Maconais White Wine And Food Experience

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Maconais Wine And Food Pairing

Maconais vineyards

Maconais vineyards - beautiful vineyards, sometimes fine wine

What You Need To Know About Maconais White Wine And Food

Maconais is a subregion of the world-famous Burgundy wine producing region in eastern France that produces mostly white wines of varying quality and flavors. What these wines have in common is the Chardonnay grape variety. Suggested food pairings include Crab.

Maconais white wine usually starts at about $12. The minerally, slatey Rijckaert Macon Villages is a good choice at up to about $15. For about $18 you will enjoy a crisp Domaine Michel Cheveau Macon Solutré-Pouilly with its fig, golden apple, and crême brulée flavors. In my article I Love French Wine and Food - A Mâconais (Burgundy) Chardonnay I reviewed a Louis Latour Pouilly-Vinzelles AOC ‘En Paradis’. You don't have to be an expert in French to understand the term En Paradis, which came close to being the overstatement of the year. So we only have two good suggestions for this area.

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