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Condrieu Wine And Food Pairing

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In the Northern Côtes du Rhône you can find great wines including Condrieu

What You Need To Know About Condrieu Wine And Food

Condrieu is a classic, aromatic white wine made in the northern part of the Rhône valley of southeastern France from the Viognier grapes grown on spectacular hillsides. A top notch Condrieu can be an exceptional wine, tasting of gardenias, honeysuckle, melons, peaches among others. Suggested food pairings include Halibut and Lobster.

Condrieu wine usually starts at about $30 and can rise fairly high. The Philippe Faury Condrieu has powerful tastes of fig, pear, anise, and honeydew. It's a long wine that costs only about $42. François Villard makes a fine DePoncins brimming with anise, apricot, fig, and quince for about $55. However you should age it for two to six years prior to consumption. Because you shouldn't drink it immediately we will suggest two others. The Guigal Condrieu costs about $50 and tastes of white peach, citrus, litchi, and fresh ginger. It's a fine wine. But if you want something really great try the Chaillées de L'Enfer (Wine Store of Hell) from Domaine Georges Vernay. At one point this producer was only one making Condrieu on a grand total of about 15 acres. His daughter, a former school teacher, now runs the company. You'll pay at least $100 but a marvelous wine exploding with lime, pear, almond, and mineral flavors. This is one white wine.

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