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Tempranillo Wine And Food Pairing

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What You Need To Know About Tempranillo Wine And Food

Tempranillo is a very important Spanish red grape variety and so we should not be surprised that it pairs well with Spanish food including Olives, Spanish Sausage, Spanish Ham, as well as Barbecued Pork Spareribs, and Roast Lamb. For a real treat try a fine Tempranillo with Tapas, Spanish hors-d'ouevres. In addition to Spain, this red grape is grown widely in Argentina. Tempranillo is the major grape variety in Rioja, widely regarded as Spain's best wine-producing region although many of their wines are blends rather than pure varietals. Tempranillo wines tend to age very well.

Tempranillo starts at about $9 a bottle and can go sky high. Bodegas Guelbenzu of the Navarra region produces some fine Tempranillo blends such as the Guelbenzu Azul Ribera del Queiles for about $20 that tastes of black currant and mint. If you want pure Tempranillo try the Bodegas Altanza Capitoso Rioja Lealtanza that tastes of currants with a bit of coffee beans for about $15. Or move up to the Lealtanza Rioja that smells of red fruits, cloves, and cinnamon and tastes of red cherries and plums. The world-famous Vega Sicilia Unico wine was once Spain's most expensive in the $300 and up class. I have not had the pleasure. If you have, why not write us about it?

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