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Australian Shiraz Wine And Food Pairing

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What You Need To Know About Australian Shiraz Wine And Food

Shiraz is the signature red grape variety of Australia. Under the name Syrah and sometimes Shizah it is grown in the Rhône Valley of eastern France, California, South Africa, Argentina, and elsewhere. Specific food pairings include Game Steak (go for an Australian Shiraz), Confit de Duck, and Pasta Arabiata. Or go with the multiple Syrah food pairings.

You can find Australian Shiraz at less than $10 a bottle but I would hesitate to buy anything at that price. One possible exception is the Banrock Station Shiraz wine at the unbelievable price of about $6 (if you're lucky). It's $12 in my neck of the woods. Be warned, this is a light-tasting wine but you do get cherry, licorice, and chocolate plus hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and oak. Jump up to the $40 range for an Australian Rosemount Estate Balmoral Syrah (they use this name to suggest the wine's Old Worldliness in contrast to most Australian Shiraz. Its aromas and tastes include berries, chocolate, spice, and menthol. One fine wine. But if you want to go all out try the Penfolds Grange, arguably Australia's finest wine, which depending on the vintage may contain some Cabernet Sauvignon. You'll probably have to spend $400 or more, depending on the vintage. They tell me that it's worth the price. If you have tried it, let us know. And by the way, I wouldn't pair it with a pasta.

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