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Chenin Blanc Wine And Food Pairing

California Chenin Blanc vineyard

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What You Need To Know About Chenin Blanc Wine And Food

Chenin Blanc is grown in France, South Africa where it is called Steen, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, in particular in California. Chenin Blanc wine varies widely in style depending on the climate, the soil, and the winemaker’s art. Chenin Blanc may produce a full-bodied, fruity, acidic, high-alcohol wine. Unlike most white wines, some top of the line Chenin Blanc wines can continue to develop for decades. In the right climate, such as in Anjou-Saumure of the Loire valley, these grapes produce an excellent dessert wine. The Vouvray region in the eastern Loire Valley specializes in sparkling wines. Warm areas tend to produce large quantities of bland grapes for blending or for jug wines. Enjoy Chenin Blanc wines with Chicken, Blackened Fish, Chicken Salad, Clams, Oysters, Mussels, Shrimp, Quiche, spicy Mexican food and Camembert Cheese.

Chenin Blanc wine starts at about $8 and usually stays under $30, but I have seen Vouvrays for sale at $300 or more. (We won't be looking at any such wines here.) For starters try the South African Man Vintners Chenin Blanc Coastal Region for about $10. This wine is characterized by tropical fruit, guava and melon aromas, with crisp and bold sweet citrus and mineral taste. It is a bargain. Stay in South Africa for the Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch in the $15 range with fresh, ripe melon, apple and honeysuckle fruit. The Savennières Clos de la Coulée de Serrant starts at about $50 is one of the most famous wines in the Loire Valley. Some people prefer Baumard's Clos du Papillon in the low thirties. This wine present strong mineral, lime and quince flavors and may be aged for five to eight years.

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