Swiss Cheese And Wine

What wine with Swiss Cheese?...

Swiss Cheese, Which Wine?

Swiss Cheese what wine?

Swiss Cheese calls for the right wine pairing.

What You Need To Know About Swiss Cheese And Wine

Swiss Cheese is the generic name in many countries including the United States, for several related varieties of cheese that resemble the Swiss Emmental. Swiss Cheese has a distinctive, nutty, bittersweet taste. Some Swiss Cheeses include the famous holes. As a rule of thumb, the larger the holes the more flavorful the cheese. Emmenthaler is a well-known cheese from Switzerland. It is a yellow, medium-hard cheese, with characteristic large holes. It has a piquant, but not really sharp taste. This cheese is produced from raw cow's milk and is aged for a minimum of four months. For a special treat try the Emmentaler Switzerland Premier Cru which is aged for 14 months in humid caves. Another great Swiss Cheese is Gruyere which bakes very well for example in quiches. And it's great for fondues. It also comes as a Premier Cru. These two cheeses have come out number one in hard-nosed cheese competitions.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider a Pinot Noir, a Spanish Rioja, or a medium Zinfandel.

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