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Welcome to the world wide wine. We're a site devoted to the physical, spiritual, medicinal, cultural, and intellectual pleasures of the fermented grape, but always in moderation. Come visit us often, what you see is only the beginning... In addition to our weekly $10 wine reviews, we have a series of $15 wine reviews. There's lots about wine racks, wine and food pairing, wine tours... Come visit us, often. We are always adding new material. The latest series addresses wine appellations, starting with (perhaps you guessed it), France. Access a great new Wine and Food Pairing Book written by an International award-winning sommelier that I translated from the French.

Just so you know who we are, we don't pretend to do everything. Even if we sometimes love The Beatles, we don't have strawberry wine, we can't dance the dutty wine, and we don't sell beer and liquor, or even wine. But we do wine reviews, look for and find bargains, try our hand at wine humor, and much, much more. Our Beaujolais Villages Nouveau 2013 is in the $15 section on the left. And an Italian Vino Novello 2013 is in the $10 section.Our latest section is Wine Appellations, which will help you read the labels and determine if this bottle is a wine that you want. We have started with the United States and France.

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Weekly $10 Wine Reviews – Near Weekly $15 Wine Reviews

Too much wine too little time

Don't waste your time and money buying inexpensive wine blindly. Read our $10 and our $15 wine reviews.

Click here for our $10 wine reviews.

Click here for our $15 wine reviews.

Wine Racks

Wine rack

They can be wooden or metal, expensive or home made. Proper wine racks help preserve your wine collection.

Are you looking for wine racks? Do you want to know what's the difference between wooden and metal wine racks? Or maybe you are handy and want a bit more information so that you can build your own wine rack, perhaps in an afternoon.

Click here for more information on wine racks.

Wine Cellars

New wine cellar

No, this is not my wine cellar. A guy can dream.

We can't tell you how to build a wine cellar in an afternoon. But we do have lots of information on storing wine whether in a cabinet or a wine cellar. Preserve your wine collection by storing it at the right temperature, humidity, and brightness. And should you be lucky enough to own or build a wine cellar...
Click here for more information on storing wine.

Wine Making

Wine vineyard

Nine out of ten home wine makers want a backyard like this one. But you can still make good wine in your city apartment from purchased grapes.

I'll let you in on a secret. I don't believe very much in home wine making. But I have included several articles from people who do. They let you know in detail how to make wine. It's a lot of hard work but you may enjoy the process and the product. There is nothing like the satisfaction of drinking your own home made wine.

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Wine Parties

Wine glass at twilight time

The right glasses help make your wine party a winner. And the best news is you don't have to spend a fortune on the glasses or on the wine.

Do you feel like throwing a wine party but you're not sure how to plan one? We have several articles that get into wine party specifics with lots of practical suggestions on what to serve, how much to spend to make your wine party a memorable occasion. The authors describe the food to serve and even what temperature to serve the wine. What are you waiting for?

Click here for more information on organizing a wine party.

Wine and Food

Veal cordon bleu and the fixings

Quick, which wine do you prefer with veal cordon bleu (veal stuffed with ham and cheese)? Choose what you like. But a wine that's tough enough to spar with a rare steak might spoil your enjoyment of this delicious dish.

The key to pairing wine and food is to choose what you like, not what some wine snob pontificates from his or her perch. And yet there is some rhyme and reason to pairing wine and food.

Click here for our our humble suggestions on pairing wine and food.
We added to our tables so you can select a wine and get food pairings or select the food and get wine pairings. But we are not the only ones who have something to say about the great subject of wine and food.

Revolutionary Wine And Food Pairing Book

"Let yourself be swept up by this magnificent book. . . . [This is] the first step into a new world that is now open wide in all its splendour to those who love gastronomy."
— Juli Soler and Ferran Adrià, elBulli restaurant

elBulli restaurant has been designated five times as the "Best Restaurant in the World".

Click here for articles on those two great partners, wine and food.

Wine Baskets and Gifts

What a beautiful wine bottle

Gifts of wine and wine accessories are always appreciated, but even more so in the holiday season. This beautiful bottle is meant to be shared with friends. Please remember to consume wine and any alcohol in moderation. Let's all enjoy the holidays!

Wine and wine accessories make excellent, often moderately priced gifts. But people are often afraid that they don't know enough to make the right purchase. Fear no more, our articles give you the advice you need to select that special gift for those special people at a price that won't put a whole in your pocketbook. And remember, fine wine is best enjoyed in fine company.

Gifts of wine and wine accessories are always appreciated, but even more so in the holiday season. Wine gifts are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones face.

Read more about wine and cheese gift baskets
Click here for articles on wine accessories, baskets, and wine gifts.

Wine Articles

Wine and Food

France, Germany, and Italy all produce great wine and some wine that is not so great. In a labor of love we have tasted dozens of wines from these three countries and paired them with food and cheese, the kind of food that you are likely to eat at home. We present our impressions and don't pull our punches. And just in case you're interested, for each area we include a bit of its history and tourist attractions.

But we are not the only ones who have written about wine. We are including the web's largest collection of indexed wine articles from a variety of sources.

Click here to access both our guest and my own wine articles

Wine Reviews

Not our review process

This is not our review process. If you are perplexed about which wine to buy you should take a look at our wine reviews, taken from our own wine articles. Perhaps you just don't feel like wading through pages of prose to find out lots and lots about the given region. You'd really like to know about the wine and its price range.

We have taken many of our wine articles and boiled them down to short and sweet (but not necessarily positive) reviews. We're independent, we purchase all of of wines the same way that most of you do, paying the full price at the local wine store, or a wine-specialty store. That way you get our unbiased review, whether in capsule form or in a longer wine article.

Click here to access our capsule wine reviews

Wine Humor

Icons of a time gone by, The Honeymooners and Straw-Covered Chianti bottles.

Wine is a very, very serious subject for far too many people. Lighten up. Wine is meant to be enjoyed and should bring a smile to your lips. We start with a top-ten spoof of problems in the wine scene. Among the subjects we mock out are its cost, wine cellars, opening bottles, insomnia, wine and food pairing, colors, tastes, and smells, wine snobs, and home brew. We hope you will enjoy our humor with friends and loved ones, accompanied by fine wine and food.

Click here to access our wine humor section.

On a more serious note. "If you are displaying chronic signs of alcohol addiction , then you may want to consider looking into treatment options." If you are heavily dependent on alcohol a California detox center may be your best option."

Are they waiting for Beaujolais Nouveau 2013?

Click here for our $10 wine reviews.

Click here for our $15 wine reviews.

Wine In Your Diet
for information on wine, health, nutrition, and weight reduction

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