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Perfect Activities to Do Over a Glass of Wine

Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? It’s the perfect drink to wind down after a long day or to celebrate a special occasion and many more. Here are some perfect activities to do over a glass of wine.

1. Pair it with some cheese and fruit.

Cheese and fruit are the perfect pairings for wine. There are many different types of cheese and fruit, so you can experiment to find your favorite combination. Different types of wine work better with different kinds of cheeses. It’s a good idea to ask your local cheese shop or wine store for recommendations.

2. Make a charcuterie board.

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days. They’re easy to make and can be customized to your taste. Plus, they’re perfect for sharing with friends. All you need is a selection of meats, cheeses, bread, and some other snacks like olives or nuts. Your wine store or deli can help you choose the perfect meats and cheeses to pair with your wine.

3. Cook with it.

Wine can be used in many different types of dishes. Red wine is commonly used in Italian and French cuisine. White wine is often used in seafood dishes. You can also use wine to make sauces or marinades. You can do a quick internet search for recipes that use wine as an ingredient. Make sure to choose a recipe that pairs well with the type of wine you’re using.

4. Go on a date.

Whether you are looking for love through dating apps and elite matchmakers or have already found your soulmate, wine is the perfect drink to enjoy on a date. It can help you relax and loosen up. And if you’re on a first date, it can be a great conversation starter. Just make sure you don’t drink too much and end up saying or doing something you regret.

5. Play a game.

Games are always more fun with a glass of wine. Whether you’re playing Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, or your favorite smartphone game, you can up the fun factor by enjoying a glass of wine while you play. Always drink responsibly and take breaks if you start to feel buzzed.

6. Have a picnic.

Summer is coming and picnics are the perfect activity. Pack a basket with some food and your favorite wine, then head to the park for a picnic. Don’t forget a blanket or towel to sit on. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even make your own picnic food. Homemade sandwiches and salads always taste better when eaten outdoors.

7. Go stargazing.

Stargazing is a romantic activity that’s perfect for couples. Find a spot away from the city lights, then lie down and look up at the stars. If you’re lucky, you might even see a shooting star. Wine will definitely make the experience even better.

8. Have a wine tasting party.

This is a great way to try different types of wine and find new favorites. You can either have a party at a local wine store or do it at home. Ask your friends to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and some snacks. Then, taste each wine and vote on your favorite. At the end of the party, everyone will go home with a new wine to try.

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9. Enjoy a glass while reading your favorite book.

If you love reading books and drinking wine, then this is the perfect activity for you. Curl up with your favorite book and a glass of wine. Make sure to choose a comfortable spot so you can relax and get lost in your book. Try to pair your wine with the book you’re reading. For example, if you’re reading a mystery novel, choose a glass of red wine. If you’re reading a romance novel, choose a glass of white wine.

10. Make some art.

Whether you consider yourself a budding artist or just like to doodle, making art is a great way to relax and express your creativity. And it’s even better when you’re enjoying a glass of wine. There are plenty of online tutorials you can follow or you can just let your imagination run wild. If you’re having trouble getting started, try making a copy of your favorite painting.

11. Watch your favorite movie.

Finally, one of the best things you can do with a glass of wine is watching your favorite movie. Make some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy your film. You can even make it a themed movie night. For example, watch all the Harry Potter movies and drink Butterbeer (a non-alcoholic beer) or watch The Godfather and drink Chianti.

There are plenty of activities that are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine. From playing games to going on dates, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun. Cheers!

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