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How to Decorate Wine Bottles? Creative Ideas to Try 


If you are a DIY aficionado, you are probably always interested in finding new cool ways to use items that you can find in your home.  So, if you have some empty bottles of wine lying around, here is a list of ways in which you can transform them into pretty decorations for your home.


Use lace

One way to transform your favorite empty bottles of wine into flower vases is by decorating their exterior with lace. This project is very simple to complete and it requires little effort. You have to start by thoroughly cleaning the bottles, inside and out. To remove the labels, one tip is to leave the bottles into a bucket filled with soapy water for around thirty minutes. Afterward, the labels will come off with little difficulty.

Once the bottles are dry, cut pieces of your favorite type of lace and stick them to the bottle by using hot glue. With a little bit of inspiration, you can create precious and beautiful flower vases that cannot be matched by those that you can find on the market. 

You can offer the vases as a present, or you can use them to decorate the favorite rooms in your home. Plus, these ornate vases can also be utilized as centerpieces for wedding tables.


Message in a bottle

If you are a big fan of wine bottle crafts, you will surely love this suggestion. To make this DIY project, you will need an empty bottle of wine that has a cork, some fine sand, and some yellowish looking paper that you can write on.

Once again, you have to start by washing and removing the labels of the wine bottle. Then, you have to fill 1/3 of the bottle with sand and to add in your message. One fun idea is to give the bottle that includes a message or a handwritten letter as a present to one of your friends.

If you decide to do so, you should consider actually writing a message for that friend of yours. Given that this is such a personal and crafty present, he/she will surely love it. 



Those who love succulents or any other greenery can also repurpose wine bottles in a creative and practical way by transforming them into cute planters. For this project, it is essential that you utilize a bottle cutter – if you do not have one already, here is an article on how to find the ‌‌best wine bottle cutter on the market. The other items that you will need are some succulent plants and succulent soil.

To make a cute succulent mini-garden, start by cleaning the bottles with warm soapy water. Next, allow them to dry out completely and then cut an opening into each  bottle. Make sure that the opening is wide enough for all your plants to fit in.

As you do so, be cautious and try to avoid cutting yourself by mistake. Finally, add the soil and the plants. You can arrange the plants per your liking. If you want to, you can further decorate the bottle with extra accessories such as ribbons made out of lace.



If you are always searching for a way to repurpose wine bottles, and you are also looking for a new lamp, why don’t you go ahead and transform one of the bottles into an actual lamp? To complete this somewhat more challenging DIY project, it is recommended that you follow a step-by-step tutorial presented by somebody who has some knowledge about how to connect the lamp to electricity.

If this description caught your attention, go online, and search for such tutorials as there are plenty for you to select from. Another fun idea that might work for those who love creative decor pieces is to install lights in wine bottles for decorations.


Party trick

Who doesn’t like a fun home party One cool idea that you can try is to replace your guest book with wine bottle writing. So, next time you have your friends come over, why don’t you invite them to leave you messages written on bottles.

However, before this, you have to do some preparation. Firstly, you have to ensure that you have the same number of bottles as you have guests. Then, you have to clean the bottles and to remove the labels on them.

Finally, you’ll have to invest in some chalkboard paint and a chalkboard liquid paint pen. One day before the party, take the bottles in your backyard, lay them down on an old newspaper, and spray them evenly with the chalkboard paint. To get an even writing surface, you might have to reapply the paint.

Once your guests have written their messages, you can store all the bottles on a shelf in your living room or your kitchen where you can always have them in your view. This can also be used as a DIY game or project that you can do with your kids on Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.


Citronella candles

If you want to make your porch stand out, but you also want to keep the mosquitoes away, why don’t you craft a citronella candle from that old wine bottle that you haven’t thrown away yet? To make such a candle, you will need marbles, torch wicks, Teflon tape, tiki fuel, a bag of colorful marbles, a copper coupling that has a stop, and a copper tube cap. 

You can find a step-by-step guide on how to use these materials to make a citronella candle with just one click away. If you want to, you can also decorate the bottle to give it some extra pizazz.


Candy jar

Another clever idea that can help you decorate a wine bottle is to transform it into a jar of M&Ms or other such sweets. Before you fill the bottle with the candy, remember to wash it inside and out and to remove the label. 

Plus, you can also stick a stripe of chalkboard on the bottle. This way, you can add a funny message on the new candy jar to keep those with a sweet tooth away.


Use yarn or Epsom salt

Because minimalism is a new trend that has gained quite the momentum in recent years, one thing that you can do to make your living room stand out is to decorate it with minimalistic décor pieces.

If you have some empty bottles around, wash them in warm soapy water and wait for them to dry. Next, use yarn and an adhesive to decorate the entire surface of each bottle with rows and rows of yarn.

What makes this project fun, is the fact that you can do it with your children. Consequently, if you have some time to spare one weekend, get your kids to help you decorate a couple of bottles and then display them around your living room. 

Similarly, you can also decorate bottles using a coat of white paint and Epsom salt. Because you can find salt in different colors, the results will surely look classy, yet fun. If you do not like the rough look of salt, you can use glitter instead.


Go wild with spray paint

Spray paint is a goldmine-like item to have around if you are a DIY enthusiast. If you have different colors of spray paint in your home, why don’t you put them to good use? Once your bottles are clean and dry, apply the paint per your liking. 

If you like to experiment with colors and designs, you can also create an ombre pattern that surely won’t go unnoticed by your guests. When you are happy with the design that you have created, allow the paint to dry and display the bottles on an open shelf. 


Bird feeder

If you love the idea of being able to make a bird feeder on your own, you are in luck. For this project, you will need a bottle, a way of cutting a small hole in the lower part of the bottle, seeds, a small plate, adhesive, and an attachment system that you can use to keep the bottle hung from a tree. 

After you clean the bottle, make a hole in it. Next, use a strong adhesive to attach the plate to the bottom of the bottle. Then, fill it up with a mix of nutritious seeds. To make sure that your beloved visitors are well taken care of, remember to also place a water fountain nearby so that they can hydrate as well. 



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