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Gift Ideas for Wine Enthusiasts


Your friend’s birthday is approaching and you want to give him or her a personalized gift? If your friend is a wine enthusiast, there are practically too many options to choose from, such as the best Edgestar wine cooler, wine accessories, a wine tour or even a book about wines. There is a wide array of possibilities, you just have to decide what’s best for that person depending on their preferences or their needs. Here are some ideas to help you bring joy to your wine-loving friend.


Wine aerator pourer

With this device, pouring wine is like a piece of cake. Of course, if your friend is a wine enthusiast, they might not need any help in pouring their favorite drink correctly. Nonetheless, why not make things simpler by giving them this device which gets attached to the bottle’s mouth?

After you fix it firmly, the aerator will connect to the bottle and when you want to pour the wine, you get zero waste guaranteed. It is as simple as pouring tap beer, you just have to touch the dispenser, without even moving the bottle.

Another great benefit your friend would enjoy is that with this aerator, there is no need to wait for the wine to ’’breathe’’ before you can drink it. That half an hour of waiting seems forever when you’re at the dinner table celebrating an event and you just want to enjoy a cup of wine.


If your friend doesn’t have a decanter already, or if the old one broke, and we all know how easy that can happen if you use a glass decanter, then your gift problem is solved. Wine decanters are not necessary for every type of wine, but if your friend prefers those full-bodied vigorous reds, they might need one.

The decanter’s purpose is to separate the liquid from the sediments which are often found in certain red wines. The sediments are problematic because, on the one hand, they look terrible and, especially if you’re the sensitive type, you might not want to have them in your glass.

On the other hand, drinking the sediments at the bottom of the glass means that your wine will also have a more astringent taste which you might not like.

With a decanter, you slowly pour the bottle’s content into this container, and the sediments will remain on the bottom of the bottle. There are plenty of decanters you can buy online or in specialized stores and most of them are quite affordable.


Bottle holder

A wine enthusiast would love seeing an irresistible bottle of wine on an elegant holder each time they walk through the living room or kitchen. There is a peculiar pleasure in contemplating the object of your desire, especially if we are talking about a good wine you’re looking forward to sharing with someone special.  

If your friend is also the type who likes to ‘exhibit’ their collection of wines, they will definitely appreciate a wine holder that will allow them to showcase their best piece of the collection, or simply to lay there the bottle they’re about to open that evening.

Moreover, with a bottle holder, the wine will be stored in the correct position – horizontally. There are countless bottle holder designs, some are plain wood models, others are more modern, and they’re made of stainless steel.

A classy and elegant option would be a glass holder. You just name it and then google it and you will definitely find a style and design that suit your friend’s preferences.  


Boxed wine dispenser

Who says you can’t drink boxed wine if you are a wine enthusiast? Maybe your friend found a variety that pleases their palate, which they can buy at a good price as boxed wine. Also, if they live in an area where wine is extensively produced, they might be able to purchase good quality boxed wine from local stores.

However, at home, for a touch of elegance, especially when planning a dinner with friends or family, it is great to have a boxed wine dispenser. There are many types of dispensers, and some of the most stylish ones are made of stainless steel.

What can your friend do with this gift? Put the box of wine inside the dispenser and simply press the dispenser’s button to make the delicious liquid come out. It is a simple, practical, and elegant solution for those who don’t want to shake off the habit of drinking box wine.

Creative corkscrew

Your wine-loving friend might already have plenty of these at home, but it’s never a bad idea to make an addition to their collection. Of course, you can buy them a ‘serious’ and professional corkscrew that will help them get that wine open in no time.

However, if you want your gift to stand out, you can get creative with your corkscrew choice and opt for something that will make your friend smile each time they’re about to open a new bottle. There are many fun corkscrews out there and most of them have a special theme, especially if they are purchased as a souvenir from a popular tourist’s destination.

There are countless designs to choose from, such as parrot corkscrew, siren corkscrew, devil corkscrew, or clown corkscrew. Just type ‘funny corkscrews’ on google and get ready to spend the next two hours of your life browsing through different shapes, colors, and prices.


Wine case

In the end, what can a wine enthusiast possibly appreciate more than a bottle of wine, right? Make it two or three bottles and the joy increases exponentially. Because you might not be a wine connoisseur yourself, it might be difficult to make a choice. 

Don’t worry, most wine stores that also provide online shops and delivery service have what is called wine cases. Those can be the perfect gift idea that will please your friend while taking the burden of choice off your shoulders.

Most wine cases contain one, two, or even three bottles of wine and they have a good-looking design that truly satisfies the exigencies of a sophisticated wine lover. Others are not fancy-looking, but they come with funny inscriptions your friend will surely like.

If your idea of a perfect gift is something that the person can preserve in the long term (and we know that giving wine to a wine enthusiast might mean the exact opposite), you can opt for a case that comes with a glass or two. This way, your special one can enjoy the content and keep the glass as a gift.

Wine accessories

Drinking wine can be demanding if you want to do it the right way. Besides the bottle and the glass, there are plenty of other accessories a connoisseur might want to have at hand. There are different tools that can help you pour the wine correctly or close it safely before you store it in the fridge. Also, it would be a shame to leave marks on that shiny table, and therefore, some coasters for bottles are more than useful.

In conclusion, if your buddy still doesn’t have a complete set of wine tools at home, you can get a wine case that comes with a bottle and accessories. Or ditch the idea of giving them a bottle of wine, as they might already have a collection at home, and opt for a case with accessories such as corkscrews, taps, bottle stoppers, bottle coasters, pourers or drip rings.


A wine touring experience

If your friend likes traveling as much as he or she enjoys a good glass of wine, you have the possibility to combine both of these pleasures into one memorable experience. The gift we refer to is a wine tour. Depending on the area where you live, you can choose to explore the closest vineyards that offer tasting tours or to venture further away from home.

If you opt for the second choice, there will surely be enough services that can satisfy all your needs. Many providers that offer tasting tours also have dining options and, some of them, even accommodation. 

What do these tours involve? Usually, based on what package you purchase, you get a certain number of tastings, accompanied by a sommelier who provides insight into how that wine was produced and the history of the vineyard. Some wineries also allow you to visit the vineyard, assist in the wine production process, or organize different parties and events on the premises.

All in all, there are countless gift ideas that can satisfy the exquisite tastes of a wine enthusiast. You can get a great wine-related gift for only a couple of dollars, or you can impress your friend with an invitation to an exciting wine tasting tour that might cost you a few hundred dollars. 



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