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5 Best Wine Totes – Reviews & Analysis


Top Totes for Wine – Guide & Comparison


Finding the best wine tote is not always an easy thing to do, as going through all the benefits that each product offers can be a very time-consuming process. That’s why our team decided to give you a hand and bring you the answer you are looking for in the following lines. After going through a lot of data and assessing each of the top-rated products in this category, we’ve concluded that the wine tote you should consider as the most suitable option is Tirrinia’s 4 Bottle Wine Carrier. This particular model is made of high-quality PU thermal insulating material to keep the bottles of wine chilled, while the interior divider can be removed for convenient use. Plus, the fact that you can transport up to 4 bottles of wine with its help makes it an excellent choice for outdoor parties and picnics. If for any reason you cannot get your hands on this tote, the most suitable alternative is BUILT’s NY 2-Bottle Neoprene Tote.



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5 Best Wine Totes (Updated Reviews) in 2021



No matter if you are looking for something very specific, such as a 6 bottle wine tote, or you simply want to see what is the best solution to carry your favorite wine when you are going on a picnic, making the choice can be somewhat overwhelming, as there are so many alternatives. In the next section, you’ll find our favorite picks from the top-rated options, to help you choose.



1. Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier 


In case you are in the market for a high-quality yet affordable wine tote, then you definitely should take a look at this Tirrinia model that can be an ideal way to keep the bottles of wine fresh and chilled for a longer period. The tote features an elegant design, as well as a sleek and practical construction, so it can be used for anyone in the family.

If you often go on picnics or travel, then you could surely use this very nice tote to make the entire experience better. Another aspect that you are surely going to appreciate is the fact that this unit can store up to 4 bottles of wine, which makes it an ideal size for when you are heading outdoors with friends or family.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the bottles crashing into each other as you carry the tote, given that it features an interior divider that is also removable for convenient use.



This picnic time wine tote features a high-quality construction that uses PU thermal insulating material, as well as foam padding to keep the bottles of wine protected against impacts.

If you decide to buy this tote, you will be able to keep the bottles chilled for multiple hours, making it an ideal solution for outdoor trips or picnics.

The interior divider is removable, which means that you can use the tote as a picnic bag as well, and it features a fastener for enhanced safety.

The tote is specially made to ensure the user’s comfort, given that it features an adjustable shoulder strap, while the stainless steel buckle and sturdy handle enhance its usability.



The 4-bottle storage space is calculated for standard-sized bottles of wine, so keep this in mind in case you want to place larger ones.

This wine tote bag is not waterproof, so it shouldn’t be exposed to humidity.

Buy from for ($25.98)




2. BUILT NY 2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote 


This Built wine bottle tote is an excellent way to carry your favorite bottles of wine in ideal conditions when you are going for a picnic or outdoor trip. The bag’s construction is specially made to preserve the right temperature so that you can enjoy the wine at its fullest.

Furthermore, given that this product is made of neoprene, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with splashes, spills, or bumps, thus keeping the wine secure until you get to open the bottles. You might also like the fact that, when you are not using the tote, you can easily store it given that it can be flattened out.

The handles feature a soft-grip construction so you remain comfortable when you are carrying the tote, while a Velcro closure secures the bottles for safe transportation. This wine tote can also be a great gift for someone in your family or a friend who is passionate about wines.



Ensuring this tote’s maintenance is not going to be difficult, given that it can be safely machine washed.

The stretchy neoprene material protects the bottles from any shocks as you are traveling, so you won’t need to worry about anything.

The handle features a special soft-grip structure, so you can comfortably carry the tote wherever you might need to go.

Thanks to the Velcro strap closure, the bottles of wine are safely kept within the tote, so you can simply enjoy your trip or picnic without any concern.



This is a 2 bottle wine tote so if you want to carry more bottles than this you need to purchase more bags or go for another model.

You should know that this tote bag can fit standard-sized bottles, so if you want to place larger ones, such as champagne bottles, they might not fit right.

Buy from for ($29.32)




3. Tirrinia Insulated Wine Carrier Tote 


If you are in the market for one of those wine tote bags that feature a great design and that are also highly effective, then you are in for a treat if you decide to give this Tirrinia model a try. Of course, this can also be a very nice gift for friends who love wine, and it’s also an excellent solution if you often go for picnics or outdoor parties.

The sleek design makes this tote suitable for a wide range of uses, while the special features that protect the bottles from impacts and shocks are definitely useful. Inside this wine tote purse, there’s a special divider that keeps the bottles from touching as you carry them, while the design is also collapsible for easy storage when you are not using it.

You can use this tote bag to carry two standard-sized bottles of wine, two champagne bottles, or a wine glass and a bottle.



If you are looking for a leather wine tote then you should know that this model features sturdy leather handles.

Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, you won’t be hindered as you are carrying the bag, while the stainless steel buckle definitely helps in terms of sturdiness as well.

The design includes a front zippered pocket that can be used to carry small necessary items such as a wine opener or paper towels.

The materials used for this wine tote are of the highest quality and ensure the necessary insulation to keep the wine cooled for a long period.



This unit might be a bit short for some bottles of wine, so make sure you check the measurements before you buy it.

It might not be able to fit champagne bottles, so keep this in mind if you are planning to use it like this as well.

Buy from for ($20.98)




4. Tirrinia 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier 


Available in multiple colors, this Tirrinia product is a very good alternative for those of you who are looking at wine tote reviews because they need to find a reliable and stylish bag. First of all, this model features a portable design with sturdy handles, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.

For this reason, you don’t need to worry about anything in terms of comfort, given that the manufacturer took this aspect into consideration as well. Carrying two bottles of your favorite wine to enjoy with your friends is going to be a very easy task. If you often attend beach parties, picnics, or any other outdoor events, this bag is the right solution for your needs.

Furthermore, the PU thermal material used for the bag’s construction ensures the necessary insulation to keep the bottles of wine chilled for hours and protected against impacts.



The interior dividers are specially designed to keep your bottles of wine from colliding in order to ensure their safe transportation wherever you are planning to go.

This insulated tote can be used to carry other types of beverages as well, thus being a versatile solution for different transportation needs.

Thanks to the collapsible design, you won’t have problems storing the tote while you are not using it.

It’s a very nice gift idea for friends or family members who are passionate about wine, so you can keep this in mind as well.



This canvas wine tote works very well for standard-sized bottles of wine, but if you want to place larger ones inside, you should take a look at the measurements beforehand.

If you place a protruding cork on the bottle, then the top might not close, so beware of this aspect as it might be somewhat of an issue for some picnics.

Buy from for ($20.98)




5. DU VINO 2 Bottle Wine Carrier Travel Bag 


In case you are looking for a cheap wine tote that gets the job done very well, then you should take a closer look at this Du Vino model. The tote comes at an affordable price given the multitude of features it includes, which makes it a very good addition to any home. If you often go out for picnics and other outdoor events, you are going to use it a lot.

The sleek design is actually taller than many other alternatives on the market, while the tote features an adjustable shoulder strap for enhanced comfort on the user’s part, and a zipper to securely store the bottles of wine.

The special design allows you to carry corked wine as well, so this is not going to be a problem. Furthermore, the thick neoprene material used for the tote’s construction effectively insulates to keep the wine cold, and it’s water-resistant as well.



You won’t have any trouble keeping this wine tote in top shape, given that it’s machine washable.

The expandable center is adjustable and it can be opened, which means that the bag is a versatile solution with which you can carry other picnic items as well.

Thanks to the tall design, the tote can accommodate corked bottles while still zipping closed, so the wine stays cool and fresh for longer and you can safely transport it.

This bag features a flat bottom design so it can stand upright in order to prevent any tipping over that might cause accidental spills.



A chemical odor might be inside the tote upon delivery, but you can air it out if necessary.

This bag can accommodate standard bottles of wine, but if you plan on placing larger ones inside you should take a look at sizing details to make sure they fit.

Buy from for ($17.99)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Wines are a highly appreciated type of drink, but you do need to serve them in proper conditions for the flavors and aroma to develop in the right way.

If you are looking at a particular wine tote review or you are simply looking through the options to see which one is the right solution for your needs, you may want to take some characteristics into consideration before placing an order.

However, before getting into the details, there are several things you should ask yourself in order to narrow down the list of options, so let’s take a look and see what these are.

How often do you travel with wine?

In case you are a wine professional, then you most probably travel very often with bottles of wine and, while we are at it, we could mention that there’s a high chance that these are expensive as well. If that’s the case, then you should invest in a higher-priced suitcase to keep the bottles intact.

However, if you are simply a wine enthusiast who enjoys getting bottles from various locations, then you can safely use a tote bag to transport them, as long as they remain by your side all the time and are not placed with other luggage that might break them. If you often travel with wine, you might want to get a special suitcase for the task.

On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a way to keep the wine cool until you reach your picnic spot or outdoor party, then you can safely choose a high-quality tote bag that is made of materials such as neoprene. The most important aspect when it comes to transporting wine is keeping the bottle safe and the temperature just right.


Number of bottles

You should also ask yourself how many bottles you will want to carry at the same time. The answer, in this case, depends on how often you go out for picnics or you travel with wine, as well as on how many friends are usually joining you on your outdoor adventures.

There are some models that you can use to carry two bottles of wine, while others can go up to 6 bottles. Don’t forget to take into consideration any distance for which you have to carry the bottles on your shoulder, because after a while having a tote with 6 of them can prove to be rather heavy.

Furthermore, since we’ve mentioned carrying the wine tote, it’s a very good idea to look for a model that comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and with any elements that ensure your comfort. After all, you don’t want to end up carrying a tote for long distances and be hindered by its weight or design.

Keep in mind that most such products are specially designed for standard-sized bottles of wine, which means that if you are planning on placing larger or taller ones inside, these might not fit or the tote might be a bit tight and, thus, more difficult to handle.


What about materials?

Besides being able to transport the wine, a tote bag is ideal to keep it fresh and cool for longer periods. That’s why you want to look for a model that is made of thermal insulating material. Some products are made of neoprene, which is handy, lightweight, and prevents spills. These qualities make it a very good alternative for this particular use.

However, there are other models that feature padding as well to both ensure the necessary insulation and to prevent any external collision from damaging the bottles. If you are looking for a wine tote for more than two bottles, then such an alternative might be just right for your needs.

The neoprene alternative might be lighter and you might also have an easier time storing it around the house (given that most models can be folded down), but the choice between the two ultimately depends on your particular transportation needs.

If you are not sure whether you are going to have large picnics or more intimate ones and thus might need to carry 2 bottles or more of wine, then you can purchase a larger tote and a smaller one, and use them alternatively, given that these are usually affordable products.


Other features to look for

Besides a comfortable shoulder strap, you can also look at wine totes that include zippered pockets as well. These can be used to keep within reach small useful items that one might need when having a glass of wine, such as a corkscrew or napkins.

Of course, you might also think about carrying some glasses, but depending on the tote’s size and design, this might not be possible unless you take a bottle of wine out and replace it with a glass.

Interior dividers are crucial as well, as they keep the bottles from any potential damage that might occur if they collide as you carry the tote. That’s why you should always go for a model that includes a thick and sturdy divider. This way, you can be sure that your favorite wine will be securely kept.

Along the same lines, having a Velcro or zipper that closes the tote and further protects the bottles is very useful as well. There are several other elements that ensure a tote’s durability, depending on the model as well. These are stainless steel buckles and various leather-made elements that add to its overall design and sturdiness.

In the end, you want to have a tote that you can rely on for a long time, especially if you often go for outdoor events, or you travel and enjoy transporting special bottles of wine back home. Last but not least, you should take a look at the tote’s design and style as well. These handy items can oftentimes resemble high-end designer bags, so they can definitely add to your style.

Plus, no one needs to know that you are actually carrying some of your favorite bottles of wine unless you want to share it.




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