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5 Best Wine Making Kits Compared & Reviewed


Best Wine Making Kit Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


By reading this buying guide you can see what products are recommended by wine enthusiasts and you can decide which are the best wine making kits. Even if it seems to be an easy decision, you might end up wasting money if you are not very experienced. Our team members spent a fair amount of time and carefully checked a large number of models so we could give you some useful pieces of advice. Considering the pros and cons of every wine making kit, our number one recommendation is the Winemakers Depot 3 Gallon Glass Wine Making Equipment Kit. This home wine making kit contains everything you need to start your journey as a wine enthusiast at a decent price and multiple wine making kit reviews show it is a choice. If this product is not available, consider getting the Craft a Brew Home Pinot Grigio Making Kit which provides great quality at a decent price.



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5 Best Wine Making Kits (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Our team analyzed every product on this list and check out their price, capacity, kit’s components, and how easy it is to use them. In addition to this, we took a close look at the detailed reviews from a large number of customers to see how the wine kit fulfilled their expectations.



1. Winemakers Depot 3 Gallon Glass Wine Making Equipment Kit


This Winemakers Depot’s 3-gallon winemaking kit is a great choice as it does a great job when it comes to enhancing the winemaking process. The kit is made of a 3-gallon glass carboy, a 6.5-gallon fermenter that is equipped with an air-tightening lid, a bottle filler that has an automatic shut-off, a 3.8-inch hydrometer, an adhesive thermometer, and a dual scale.

All the items that are included in this winemaking kit are some of the most versatile and they are made of high-quality materials that make this kit one of the most complete wine making kits.

In addition to this, all the components of this winemaking kit have impressive resistance and they will last years to come before they wear out and a replacement is required. It is safe to say the Depot 3 Gallon Glass will be part of your winemaking experience for a long time.



The bucket that is included in this kit is big enough so there is a small chance of spilling over and the glass carboy is 3 gallons so you can have a large batch going.

The kit includes everything that you will need to begin your home winemaking experience, and the company will replace any part that got damaged while shipping.

You can use this wine making kit to widen your universe when it comes to the home brewery. You can brew your own beer or even sake.



The airlock is not as resistant as you might wish and if you don’t observe quickly if it broke your entire batch will go bad.

The package does not include detailed instructions so make sure you can ask a more experienced friend or do some research on your own in order to avoid wasting time and money with unsuccessful batches of wine.

Buy from for ($75.9)




2. Craft a Brew Home Pinot Grigio Making Kit


You don’t need to be a vintner with a lot of experience to create a wine that tastes great. All you need are the right tools, which are all provided in the manufacturer’s kit together with a detailed guidebook to show you the secrets of the winemaking process.

This product has been made while having some of the most respected vineyards as partners in order to create a variety of tasty wine recipes for you to make and enjoy with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home.

All the pieces of equipment are manufactured in the US and assembled by hand in Orlando, FL. The manufacturer respects the importance of ensuring high-quality ingredients, good-looking and effective design, and a mindset that takes care of the environment.

Mastering the varieties of Pinot Gris usually takes a long time but you can use this kit to get the same result since it provides grapes from the famed Italian wine country.



This winemaking kit comes with everything you need for wine tasting except for the bottles and the finished product. At the end of the wine making process, you will get 1 gallon of finished wine.

The kit contains one glass carboy, a funnel, a racking cane, a rubber stopper, transfer tubing, a tubing clamp, an airlock, a step-by-step guide to making wine, Pinot Grigio juice with yeast and additives, cork closures, and sanitizer.

It comes with a lot of accessories that are really useful such as the funnel or tubing clamp so there is no need to spend additional time and money to get them.



The instructions seem to be written for people who are already experienced when it comes to winemaking. It would be better if the producer would simplify and better organize the instructions.

Its capacity might be a bit smaller for people who are looking to obtain a bigger batch of wine.

Buy from for ($64.99)




3. Master Vintner Wine Making Equipment Starter Kit


This amazing kit will help you become a wine expert as it comes with comprehensive instructions and an all-inclusive equipment lineup. It reduces the effort and the experience required to indulge your taste buds with an astonishing Cabernet, amaze your friends and mark every special occasion with your homemade brew.

Using the clear fermentor, you can observe how your primary fermentation is progressing and the graduated gallon markings will provide you accurate information about the volumes produced without ever taking a measurement on your own.

The unique design comes with the Big Mouth Bubbler which allows you to get your hands dirty in order to shorten the cleaning time. In addition to this, the manufacturer has used materials that are very easy to clean and sanitize.

Using this winemaking kit, you can add new ideas to your hobby and give fruit wine a try. It doesn’t require any additional pieces and equipment and you might get a delicious result.



Even if you don’t know anything about wine except that you like to taste it, this amazing wine kit is everything you need.

It comes with all the necessary pieces of equipment included and a DVD is also part of the package. It contains every piece of knowledge so you can begin your winemaking process without any problems.

The manufacturer went above and beyond with this kit. It contains primary and secondary fermentation vessels, air locks, a hydrometer, a test jar, a wine thief, a siphon rod, a hose, cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, a bottle filler, a corker, and corks.

The glass carboy comes with an attachable handle which makes moving or tipping it much easier.



The low-quality plastic used to manufacture the corker might give you a hard time as it is a bit difficult to use.

The lid that covers the bubbler might pop out and break the seal when the pressure starts building up.

Buy from for ($189.99)




4. Master Vintner Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine Making Kit


This is one of the affordable wine making kits that you can get for making wine from scratch in less than an hour using your own fresh fruit. You can start producing a delicious batch of wine once your family has entered your home and toast with them a glass of wine once they are seated at the table.

The kit includes a winemaker recipe handbook, a 2-gallon plastic fermenter with a lid, a 1-gallon jug, tubing, an airlock, a screw cap and straining bag, sanitizer and Campden tablets, pectic enzymes, an acid blend, grape tannin, yeast nutrients, stabilizer, and all-purpose dry yeast, a racking cane and tubing, and a hydrometer.

Using the book that contains a variety of exciting recipes, you can impress your friends and the best part is that fruit wine matures quicker than grape wine so there is no time to miss a tasty glass of homemade wine. With the Master Vintner winemaking kit, you can add exotic flavors to your festive dinners.



The best part about the Master Vintner kit is how quickly you can taste the fruits of your labor!

Once you get some experience using this small wine kit, you can get a batch of wine from scratch in an hour.

Because of its reduced volume, it doesn’t take a lot of space and you can easily store it away if you are taking a break from wine making.

In addition to this, it doesn’t take a lot of time to clean it and the cleaning and sanitizing chemicals are included in the package by the manufacturer.



The corker is not included and there is no way you can produce wine without a proper corker. So make sure you order one before the package arrives.

The instructions could be a bit confusing so you might want to ask a more experienced friend  to help you in order to save time.

Buy from for ($69.99)




5. DIY MY WINE CO. All-In-One Pinot Grigio Winemaking Kit


When it comes to winemaking, there is nothing easier than using this kit. All you need to do is to mix the ingredients. The hardest part of this process is the waiting part as it takes around 3 weeks for the wine to ferment and clear.

The incredibly compact kit comes with everything you need so there is no need for extra trips or additional pieces to be bought. It contains a fermenting bag, a yeast pack, fining agents, oak, and a wine serving bag and box.

This winemaking kit is so small and so convenient to use that you can take it with you on your vacation. Just leave it inside the trunk and take it out once the wine is fermented and clear. You will get a Cabernet Sauvignon that you can enjoy around the fire while tasting its juicy black currant fruit aromas together with hints of cassis.



The effort required to get a glass of an easy-drinking red wine is minimum as there is no fermenter, no carboy, and no jugs. You just need to mix the ingredients and remind yourself about it once the 3 weeks required for the fermenting and clearing process pass.

The wine is surprisingly good if you think about how simple is the winemaking process. It has an impressive fruit flavor and its 1-gallon size makes it a great choice for beginners.

The price allows you to widen your winemaking universe before you decide on buying a bigger and more complex kit.



The fermenting process might be done sooner depending on how it is and there is no clear way to know when the wine is ready to be consumed.

If you leave the wine to ferment too much, it will get an odd taste and you will have no other option but to throw it away.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Getting the right winemaking kit might be a tough task despite the market looking packed with various products. Since there are not a lot of people who like to make their own wine, finding a reliable wine making kits review that you can check before getting your own might be difficult.

However, there is no need to worry as we spent a fair amount of time putting together a well-documented guide for finding the right wine making kit.

We checked out a large number of customers’ reviews for wine making kits in order to identify the most important characteristics and our team looked for the features that make for a great wine making kit. Take some of your time and check out our comprehensive buying guide so you will save time and money when buying your next kit.


Before going for the wallet, take some time and think about what exactly the type of wine you want to produce is. Your choice is important when it comes to the winemaking equipment as it dictates the quality of the wine.

Even if you are not fully committed to a certain grape varietal, think about its richness, roundedness, texture, and which taste you want for your first batch of wine.

Thinking about what kind of wine you like to drink is another easy method to decide which kit to purchase. No matter how much you like having a glass of wine, it’s better to start small and simple. Check out some reviews for the best wine making kits for beginners so you can start with the proper equipment.


Kit types

It is important to understand the types of winemaking kits that are available in today’s market. Depending on the liquid’s concentration, there are 4 types of kits: entirely pure grape juice, a mix of unfiltered and concentrated grape juice, partially concentrated grape juice, and fully concentrated grape juice.

Without getting too technical about the practice, the mentioned juice refers to the extracted fluid from the grape and the concentrate is generally just grape juice and a certain quantity of water.

Every one of these wine making kits should be delivered with all the necessary components in order to make wine. The tannins, acids, yeasts and other nutrients should be part of the delivered package. However, the equipment to produce the wine, the wine bottles, and corks will be an additional expense that you must not forget about.


The necessary time to make the wine

It is of great importance to take into account how much time the wine will need to be made and aged before you can pour it into glasses and share it with your friends. For some of the winemaking kits, it takes around 5 months for white wine and 12 months for red wine to completely mature.

The product description will give you a precise idea regarding the amount of time needed. The general rule is that bigger format kits with greater boxes work better when it comes to aging wines.



If you are a beginner, we recommend looking into some cheap wine making kits so you might  ease your way into the winemaking business without spending a lot of money. As you keep getting more experienced, you can go for an expensive kit as it guarantees a product that is richer and which tastes better.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does it take to make wine using a kit?

If you add the yeast packet that is included in the wine kit, the fermentation process will take from 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the kit type. If you use a lighter-bodied wine kit, the fermentation takes about 4-6 weeks. For a full-bodied kit, 6 to 8 weeks are necessary for the fermentation process to complete.

The second type of wine kits needs more time to complete the fermentation process because it generally uses more grape concentrate. This means more natural sugar to be converted into alcohol so the fermentation needs more time.

In general, these kits include some instructions on how to age the wine so it settles down and mellows out before bottling. The fuller-bodied wines might be the better choice as the wine keeps improving as it ages. There is a special yeast blend that can speed up the fermentation process so it only takes around 10 days, from start to finish.

Q: How do you know when homemade wine is ready?

The easiest method to see if your homemade wine is ready is to use an airlock. As the fermentation keeps going, the airlock will be filled with bubbles and as the fermentation ends, the bubbling will stop. However, the end of the bubbling might be an indicator that the fermentation might be almost done. The lack of bubbles doesn’t guarantee all the sugars from the wine are gone.

It is not uncommon for the fermentation to stop and start again some time later. This is called a stuck fermentation. It can be produced by some environmental changes and the most common is the temperature change. It is possible to bottle some wine after the bubbling has stopped and to see it is fermenting again inside the bottle.

There is no place for the CO2 to go and it might build up a lot of pressure inside the bottle and the wine might go all over your clothes and walls when you open the bottle.


Q: How do you know if your wine yeast is working?

First of all, remember it might take up to 36 hours to begin showing signs of fermentation. There are some factors that influence how fast a fermentation begins and the environmental temperature is the most important. If you are looking for a timely fermentation, the wine must be around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another important ingredient is sugar. As the fermentation keeps going on, the wine yeast consumes the sugar and turns it into alcohol. So the quantity of sugar controls how much alcohol will be made. However, if the sugar’s concentration is too high, it will have an inhibiting effect.

You will observe the first signs of fermentation as small and rare air bubbles will appear on the wine’s surface. These bubbles will turn into a layer of bubbles across the surface. There is a high chance you will notice this before there will be any activity inside the air-lock.




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