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5 Best Wine Keys Compared & Reviewed


Best Wine Key Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual wine drinker, having the best wine key is mandatory if you want to attend to your guests at any party. But how can you find the perfect wine opener with so many options available? After conducting our own thorough market research, we have concluded that a good wine key serving all your occasions is the Blush Waiter’s Corkscrew Double Hinged Mirage. Designed by women for women, the entire Blush Mirage collection is made of high-quality materials with exquisite design and that extra touch of glam to keep things fancy. This corkscrew is available in a beautiful ombre rainbow design and is double-hinged for easy opening. It includes a serrated foil cutter for easily cutting the foil on any wine bottle and makes a wonderful gift for your friends, mother or sister. If this product is not available right away, you can trust the True 3943 Truetap Waiter’s Corkscrew to be a reliable alternative.



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5 Best Wine Keys (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Part of being a great host is always attending to your guests’ needs, and this includes opening bottles of beer and wine. So, why risk cutting yourself in the foil or spending too much time trying to uncork a bottle when you can do all these tasks with the help of a cheap wine key? Showcased below you’ll find a selection of products that are worthy of your attention.



1. Blush Waiter’s Corkscrew Double Hinged Mirage


Why settle for a dull wine key when you can open your favorite bottle of wine in style? This affordable wine key is made of state-of-the-art stainless steel that won’t break, chip or corrode, even when used for extended periods.

It is designed to help you easily cut, uncork, and open bottles of wine in just a few moves, without having to put too much pressure on your hands or risking to injure your fingers. The nonstick worm and serrated foil cutter complete the advantages of this product and will help you impress your guests with your professional sommelier moves.

What we liked the most about this product is the unusual, rainbow finish that makes it unique and a great gift for yourself or your best friend. The entire Mirage Collection by Blush is designed by women for women and aims to turn regular bar kits into holographic wonders that will brighten your day.



The wine key opener is made of high-quality stainless steel that will last you many years from now on.

It is designed to help you easily open bottles of soda, beer, and wine, without risking injury to your fingers or damage to the bottle.

It comes with a small serrated foil cutter to ease the opening bottle process.

All blades and corkscrew are collapsible for a compact design that won’t occupy too much space in your kitchen cabinet.



The product may look cute but it is not designed for industrial use, meaning it won’t resist the wear of opening over 10-20 bottles per night. It makes a great gift for your friends but not if they are professional bartenders.

It doesn’t come with a keychain either so you can’t wear it attached to your keys to make use of its features anywhere you want.

Buy from for ($14.56)




2. True 3943 Truetap Waiter’s Corkscrew


Why settle for a boring, black wine opener when you can choose one to best match your attitude, mood or kitchen style? This item from True is available in 13 different colors, including bronze, rose, gold, and metallic blue for a touch of color, elegance, and opulence.

The wine opener is made of high-quality stainless steel that won’t corrode or chip easily, meaning you will enjoy the same flawless design and quality bottle after bottle. The copper-plated finish will help you easily spot the product anywhere you keep it.

The double-hinged arm ensures a convenient and comfortable grip to help you easily remove the cork of any bottle of wine, while the foil cutter will allow you to remove the sealing without damaging the bottle. Opening other types of glass bottles like beer, ginger ale, and soda is also easy thanks to the special accessory included. The overall sturdy design is perfect for heavy use.



This accessory is made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure a long-lasting, sturdy, and durable design that will last you for many years.

It is specifically created for bartenders, sommeliers, and wine lovers who open more than a few bottles per night but will also work wonders for regular beer or soda bottles.

You can choose from no less than 13 different colors, meaning you can match the style of this sommelier wine key with your outfit, mood or personality. Or, if you’re like us, you will pick several colors just because they look pretty.

Complete with a foil cutter, the product helps you easily open bottles without harming your fingers or cutting your skin.



The blade and corkscrew may seem too short for some people, meaning you’ll have to apply extra strength when unscrewing the cork to make sure the bottle and the cork remain undamaged.

Buy from for ($7.49)




3. True Zoo 4264 Waiter’s Turn Key


If you’re looking for a wine key outside the ordinary, this product from True Zoo could prove the “purrrfect” companion. Made of high-quality stainless steel, you can rest assured it will last you a long time from now on without breaking, chipping, bending or corroding. Moreover, you can easily clean it in the dishwasher machine any time you want.

It comes in a beautiful black cat design, suitable for cat and wine lovers. Stylish and with a unique design, this corkscrew will make a good impression in any kitchen.

The double-hinged design allows you to easily open all types of wine bottles without applying too much pressure or requiring too much strength. Complete with a stainless steel foil cutter, the product will come in handy in any kitchen. Besides, the foldable design turns it into a compact item easy to store anywhere, including in narrow kitchen cabinets.



It makes a great gift for all wine lovers and feline fans thanks to the unique, black cat design.

The product is made of high-quality stainless steel and won’t break, chip or corrode even when used extensively. It can also be safely washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

The double-hinged design provides extra leverage and ensures easy handling so you can open any type of wine bottle without requiring too much strength.

The compact and foldable design makes for easy transportation and storage even in narrow kitchen cabinets.



Wine keys are usually more difficult to use than regular corkscrews so you might need some help with this item, especially since the product is rather small.

The serrated knife that acts as a foil cutter is small and blunt so you shouldn’t expect a clean cut without too much of a struggle. It might damage the bottle and the cork.

Buy from for ($21.86)




4. Tipsy Wine Accessories Black Wood Handle Professional #BK003


The product is made of high-quality materials to ensure a sturdy and reliable design. Created to attend to the needs of bartenders, we can’t guarantee this is the best wine key for sommeliers on the market but it is certainly an item worth your interest.

It is equipped with a five-turn worm and a serrated foil cutter, perfect for opening all types of wine bottles in only a few moves. The heavy-duty construction provides a sense of security whenever handling the wine key, so you can rest assured it won’t slip through your fingers or cut you.

The Swiss-army design ensures that all accessories can be easily folded so that the wine key becomes compact enough to be transported and stored in small places such as pockets or narrow kitchen cabinets.

We also liked the black wood stained handle that provides a comfortable and sturdy grip, preventing hand fatigue, even when used for many bottles in a row.



This kitchen tool represents the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, and bartenders who are looking for a compact, portable, and sturdy tool to open all sorts of wine bottles.

The double-hinge design ensures increased leverage and easy use, even by those who are less experienced or people who don’t have a lot of strength in their hands.

The product comes with a black wood stained handle that ensures a safe and comfortable grip, reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

It is completely foldable, allowing easy transportation and convenient storage.



Wine keys are generally harder to use than regular corkscrews and may require several attempts until you understand the technique that helps you open a wine bottle in just a couple of minutes. Although the product is sturdy, it may feel too chunky and more difficult to get used to.

It doesn’t come with a bottle opener so you can’t use it for soda, ginger ale or beer bottles.

Buy from for ($11.95)




5. Seeyo Corkscrew Elegant Shadow Wood Handle Wine Opener


If you’re looking for an online wine key review to tell you this is the right item for you, here is your sign. This state-of-the-art tool is created to impress your guests, sommeliers, bartenders, and customers alike with its unique design. It makes for a perfect gift for your wine enthusiast friends or family members and already comes in a beautiful gift box.

The product is made of 420 premium stainless steel and is durable and sturdy. The streamlined design with a natural wooden handle provides increased comfort when handling and allows you to open any bottle of wine from your collection.

This tool is compact, lightweight, and strong at the same time, ensuring easy transportation, handling, and storage. It features a serrated foil cutter made from the same quality stainless steel and a bottle opener. Unlike other products, you can choose to store this one in its elegant velvet protective pouch that will keep it away from stains, dust, and debris.



Perfection is the best word to describe this state-of-the-art kitchen accessory specifically designed for sommeliers, waiters, and bartenders.

The product is made of anti-rust, high-quality stainless steel and won’t break, chip or corrode, even when used extensively. It can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher using mild water and detergent.

The wine key features a beautiful wood handle that adds elegance and uniqueness.

It is complete with a foil cutter and a bottle opener, all in a compact and foldable design. This wine key is delivered in a protective velvet pouch and a beautiful gift box, making it perfect for special occasions such as birthdays.



The foil cutter is quite sharp but will get blunt after a few uses, which will give you a hard time trying to cut the foil from the wine bottle without damaging the mouth and the cork.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Are you looking for the best wine key for bartenders but not sure which model will fit you? We understand the confusion, given the big number of products available on the market. Keep on reading this extensive buying guide to identify the main features a wine key should have to help you easily open bottle after bottle.


The first thing you need to look for in a corkscrew is the quality of the materials used. We suggest opting for products made of top-rated stainless steel that won’t corrode, chip, bend or break easily, even when using it regularly.

Unlike regular steel, stainless steel can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher machine without risking damaging it in time. Some cheaper products are made of hard plastic but we don’t recommend them as they can easily break and even harm your fingers when trying to open the bottle.

A sturdy wine key is designed to resist heavy usage and opening hundreds of bottles of beer and wine daily, without corroding or becoming blunt.



Most people who look for such kitchen accessories want a device that will help them open not only wine bottles but also beer, soda or ginger ale bottles. Therefore, the best wine key for waiters should be more of a universal bottle opener. A serrated foil cutter is suitable for bottles that come with a seal and a regular lid instead of a cork.


Compact design

Extra features are nice as long as they don’t make the product weigh too much or become too chunky. In our opinion, any good wine key should come with a compact design that ensures portability and easy storage even in narrow kitchen cabinets.

The main advantage of stainless steel is that it is lightweight so you shouldn’t expect a wine key to weigh more than 3-4 ounces. Thus, you can easily carry it with you anywhere you go and even fit it in your jeans or purse pocket.

And, speaking of portability, these products should also feature a key holder to keep them with you anywhere you go. This is extremely important for bartenders and sommeliers who have to open over 20-30 bottles daily.


Colors and style

Going through many online wine key reviews you will notice that style and design are also aspects that matter to customers, especially when we’re talking about bartenders and sommeliers. Since these professionals are always asked to attend to clients and open bottles, they need an item that stands out and does the job perfectly.

Many companies understood the necessity of a beautiful package and created wine openers that are not only sturdy and reliable but also look fabulous. And, after all, why should you settle for the dull black and silver design of most wine keys when you can use an accessory that stands out?

From animal-shaped wine key covers to products available in a wide array of colors and shades, these accessories are highly customizable to meet the needs of all customers.

If you want a product that looks cool and also helps you become the perfect party host, consider investing in wine keys available in shades of copper, gold, metallic blue or green. And, if your best friend loves animals, you can offer them a thoughtful wine key shaped like a cat, parrot, whale, monkey or even flamingo.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do you open a bottle of wine using a wine key?

They say you’re not really a strong, powerful, and independent woman unless you can open a bottle of wine on your own. And, while we do appreciate most producers that made wine bottles more accessible by replacing the regular corks with lids, half of the fun of drinking wine is trying to open the bottle.

It’s easier to have someone show you how to properly use a wine key rather than reading about it but we will try our best to explain the anatomy of this small device and give you step-by-step instructions to help you out. The first thing you have to do is unfold the foil cutter and remove the foil around the cork.

Unfold the corkscrew or the worm from the handle and set the tip of the corkscrew in the middle of the cork. Rotate the bottle or corkscrew, depending on your power, until the corkscrew fits inside the cork almost completely. Now, fold the short and notched part downward. Rest the notched ledge closest to the hinge on the lip of the wine bottle and pull.

Q: Are there any differences between wine keys?

Although wine keys may differ in size and shape, the concept behind them remains the same. Wine keys are amongst the most efficient and affordable ways to open wine bottles. They are lightweight, portable, and foldable, meaning they won’t occupy too much space in your kitchen cabinets either.

Although it takes some time to master the art of using a wine key as opposed to other wine openers, these devices are extremely popular amongst wine lovers and sommeliers.

However, there are notable differences between wine keys and other devices used to open wine bottles such as screwpull corkscrews, winged corkscrews, level corkscrews, and automatic or electric wine openers.

The latter has only been available for a few years but they are ideal for people with weak hands or arm strength. They are more expensive than other options but will do all the work for you while you can just sit back and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine.


Q: How many different types of wine are there?

Wine aficionados could take days to answer to this question as there are hundreds of different types of wine people should know about. However, most brands and types fall into five simple categories, based on their color and acidity. That being said, you’ll most likely have to choose from red wine, rose wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and dessert wines.

All of them range between extra dry and sweet, depending on how sweet the grapes are and how much sugar is added in the process.

Generally speaking, red wines are mainly paired with red meat meals such as pork and beef, while white wine goes better with white or lean meat, including chicken, turkey, and fish. Rose wine is perfect for more delicate dishes but goes well with almost anything, from entrees to main courses, and desserts.

Sparkling wine is preferred for festive dinners and should be usually associated with desserts and fine dining experiences.



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