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5 Best Wine Glass Charms Compared & Reviewed


Best Wine Glass Charm Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Few things are more annoying at a party than forgetting which one is your wine glass from the pile laying on the table but this could easily become history if you consider investing in the best wine glass charms on the market. Funny, colorful, elegant or themed – countless options are waiting for their buyers, so finding the perfect one could prove challenging. After conducting our thorough market research, we have concluded that one of the wine glass charms worthy of your interest is the Juvale Funny Wine Glass Charms Cork. The full set contains 12 charms made of natural cork, each with a different and funny design. The products can be easily attached to your glassware thanks to the hook-and-loop method and make the ideal gifts for every wine enthusiast. If this product is not available for sale right away, you can look into Simply Charmed Wine Glass Charms Set of 8 as a decent alternative.



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5 Best Wine Glass Charms (Updated Reviews) in 2021



One of the easiest ways to always recognize your glass at a crowded party is to add an accessory or sticker to it. If fancy is what you’re looking for, you can always purchase some personalized wine glass charms. Showcased below you’ll find a list with some of the most popular charm sets available on the market, together with their in-depth reviews to help you choose the right one for your event.



1. Juvale Funny Wine Glass Charms Cork


The set consists of 12 wine charms with different designs, perfect for large parties or intimate gatherings with your best friends and family members. Each charm is made of natural cork and comes with a metal ring that can be attached to various types of glasses without an effort. All you have to do is pull apart the loop to hook and attach it to the wine glass of your choice.

The set makes for an ideal gift as well, whether we’re talking about Secret Santa or a birthday present for your wine enthusiast friend. Each charm contains a different wine-related fun message, so the set is adequate for those with a strong sense of humor.

If “wine o’clock” is your favorite hour of the day, “wine not” spend it with your best friends? After all, you deserve some “liquid therapy” whenever you feel overworked and under-wined.



The set contains 12 different charms, suitable for parties or smaller get-togethers where wine is the main theme.

It represents the ideal gift for your coworkers, best friend or cheeky grandma who loves her wine as much as she loves her grandsons. Probably even more on Bingo nights.

The charms are made of natural cork and they are reusable, so you can wear another one every time you host a wine party.

They are easy to attach and, thanks to the smart hook-and-loop attachment method, they will remain attached to the glass for the entire night.



Although we love the fact that these charms are made of natural cork, the material is prone to breaking or chipping after a few uses. We don’t recommend that you wash the charms with detergents either as they might wipe off the inscriptions on them.

You may not receive 12 different designs as some of the messages may be repeating, making it harder to identify your glass at a crowded party.

Buy from for ($10.99)




2. Simply Charmed Wine Glass Charms Set of 8


These glass markers are designed to meet the requirements and standards of every party and social gathering. They are fun and easy to attach to any type of wine glass, martini glass or champagne flute thanks to the swirl design.

The products are made of high-quality silicone that won’t break or cut easily. The material is thin and flexible but provides a secure grip to the glass so it won’t fall. The charms come in a variety of color choices so you can easily identify your party glass, based on your favorite color.

Besides, the items can be washed by hand or put in the dishwasher so you’ll have them clean for your next party. They are reusable and won’t lose grip or elasticity in time, not even when getting in contact with liquids.

The company sells a wide array of theme-specific charms, including special editions for holidays, beach parties or birthdays so, if the regular colorful swirls won’t be enough, you always have other options.



The set is made of 8 colorful silicone swirls that are flexible and thin, perfect for most types of wine, champagne or martini glasses.

Each item comes in a different color so you can easily recognize your glass at the party, based on the color you chose.

The charms are easy to attach to any stemware and provide a secure grip that prevents them from falling and getting lost.

They make wonderful birthday gifts or party favors for those who are hosting the annual Christmas party.



Since there are only 8 colors available, chances are you will encounter at least one other person holding the same color charm on their glass at parties so we suggest you still keep an eye on your glass to easily identify it on the table.

The silicone swirl design makes it harder to hold the glass by the stem and can even get slippery.

Buy from for ($9.99)




3. Zosco Travel Themed Wine Glass Charms


If you always wanted to visit the world, you can get a taste of some of its most famous attractions with the help of this wine glass charm set. There are 16 different metallic charms to choose from, each of them featuring a simple hook-and-loop mechanism to easily attach it to any stemmed glass, be it for wine, martini, champagne or sparkling water.

What’s the fastest and cheapest way to go from the Colosseum in Rome to the Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, The Big Ben, and land on the iconic San Francisco bridge? Purchase these wine glass charms and you’ll see. The set is the perfect gift for any adventurer with wanderlust but can also make a great giveaway or party favor at your next social gathering.

What’s even better is that the products won’t change their shape in time and can be easily cleaned and reused.



The set consists of 16 different metallic charms shaped like some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, from the Eiffel Tower to Moulin Rouge, the Opera House in Sydney or the Colosseum in Rome.

The hoop-and-look mechanism allows you to easily attach the charms on any stemmed glass so you’ll never lose sight of yours ever again, no matter how crowded the party is.

The items are of great quality and won’t chip, break or bend easily, meaning you can reuse them any time you throw a themed party.

The set is delivered in a beautiful gift box so you won’t have to spend more time wrapping the present for your friend or coworker.



We don’t recommend that you leave the charms in contact with liquids for too long as they will rust in time.

Purchase them if you’re not annoyed by the constant clink you’ll hear every time your glass meets the metallic charm.

Buy from for ($8.89)




4. Zosco Wine Themed Wine Glass Charms Gift


They say in wine lies the truth and what better method to test the theory than hosting your wine celebration? Be it for an anniversary, holiday or milestone in your life, throwing a party for your best friends and family members is the perfect way to mark important events.

This set of glass charms from Zosco contains 16 different pieces, perfect for party people with a good sense of humor. Some of the charms are shaped like martini glasses, champagne bottles, wine openers, grapes or even beer bottles, so you’ll have something for all your guests.

Each charm is made of a superior-quality zinc alloy that won’t bend or break easily and, thanks to the easy hoop-and-look mechanism, you’ll have no problem attaching it to any type of stemmed glass. This way, all those attending your party will know which glass belongs to whom and you will avoid the unsanitary exchange of bacteria between your guests.



There are 16 different designs to choose from in a set, enough to get any party started and make all your guests happy, regardless of their choice of poison.

The charms are made of a quality zinc alloy that won’t break, chip or break, so you can reuse them party after party.

They are easy to attach to most types of wine glasses, martini glasses, and champagne glasses, thanks to the hoop-and-look design.

The items are delivered in a cute gift bag, ready to be offered to your best friend, aunt, cousin or coworker, without worrying about properly wrapping it for the holiday season.



As with many other metallic charms, these will make enough noise whenever hitting the wine glass, which could become annoying at a certain point.

The charm itself is rather small in comparison to the large hook and loop ring that is attached to.

Buy from for ($8.99)




5. Hicarer Wine Glass Charms Style A Party Supplies


With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll need to think of the slightest details if you want to make your party a success amongst your coworkers, family members or friends. No detail is too small to be left aside, and glass charms are no exception.

Imagine a reception where nobody can find their champagne glass and just pick up a new one every time they want a sip. If you want to avoid wasting too many glasses and bottles of champagne, this set of 24 different holiday charms is perfect for your party.

Each charm is made of quality zinc alloy that won’t break, bend or chip and can be easily attached to any type of champagne or wine glass. From gingerbread to snowflakes, Santa, reindeer, and Christmas trees, there is one design that will match your guests’ personality and help them always keep track of their glasses.



Unlike other sets that contain 8-12 pieces, this one consists of 24 glass charms, each with a new design so you’ll never lose your glass again.

The items are made of high-quality zinc alloy that is flexible and durable at the same time, so it won’t break, bend or chip.

The charms are available in two finishes – gold and silver tones to perfectly capture the elegance of the winter holidays and deliver a design that best matches your guests’ personalities.

They are easy to attach to wine, martini or champagne glasses thanks to the hook-and-loop design and will remain attached for the rest of the night.



We don’t suggest washing the charms or keeping them in prolonged contact with liquids if you want them to look like new for a while. Perhaps you should read a wine glass charms review and see how other customers look for their accessories.

They do make a sound whenever hitting the bottom of the glass so avoid assuming everyone is looking to propose a toast every time they keep their glasses in their hands.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When hosting a party with more than a few guests, mistaking your glass of wine often occurs. So, unless you are willing to exchange bacteria and tastes with someone you barely met, you will need something to easily identify your glass.

Modern problems have modern solutions, and it comes as no surprise that some companies found a new way to make money by creating and selling charms for wine glass use. These affordable accessories come in endless shapes, forms, materials, and designs, so choosing the perfect one could be challenging.

You can go through endless wine glass charms reviews and find the opinion of other customers or you can keep on reading this comprehensive buying guide to identify the key elements of such accessories and pick the right set for you.

What are wine charms?

Wine charms are pieces of plastic, metal or other materials designed to be attached to your wine glass to discern one from another. They also serve a secondary purpose – to decorate glasses to match a certain party theme. Fun and extremely useful, these small accessories became the new stars of any respectable party, especially the ones for the holiday season.

The earliest versions of glass charms were made of metal and featured wire hoops that slipped around the wine stem. These are still popular as they are available in countless designs but can become annoying since they will make a sound every time you take your glass.


Do you really need wine charms?

This depends on the type of event, gathering or party you are throwing, as well as the number of guests. Charms always add a dose of whimsy as well as serve a practical objective of labeling the wine glass of every guest. However, they are not mandatory in every occasion and, most of the time, remain simple glass accessories added for fun.

However, if you focus your wine party on blind tasting and you need to keep count of the various types of wines you are serving, adding a different charm to different wine types could be the easiest way to do so.

At the end of the day, it depends on you if you consider these affordable wine glass charms a necessity or a simple accessory your wine party can go without. Either way, these accessories can always make for a thoughtful gift for vino lovers.


How to choose the right wine glass charm


If you’ve decided you can’t go on with your party unless having charms attached to all your glasses, you need to know what types you can find on the market, depending on their material.

As we previously mentioned, the first types of wine accessories were made of metal and were attached to the glass with the help of wire hoops. The good thing about them is that they are sturdy and won’t break even when used extensively. On the other hand, they will rust by getting in contact with liquids. And, since you cannot wash them or put them in the dishwasher, they are harder to clean.

Other products are made of plastic, foam, silicone, and even real cork. Most of the items made of silicone and foam are flexible and can be easily washed without worrying about destroying them, while those made of real cork are more elegant.

Magnetic wine glass charms represent an innovative and elegant solution to always keeping track of your wine glass. They can be easily attached to any type of glass, not just wine or martini glasses, and come in a variety of colors and styles.



As for the size, you want something that fits the base of your glass but is big enough to be easily noted. After all, this is the main purpose of the charm – to make itself noted from a distance.

Charms in the form of stickers may seem like a good option but you should check the quality of the adhesive first. Some stickers may not come off easily, leaving permanent marks on the glass while others, on the contrary, will get off fast, especially when in contact with water or other liquids.



When talking about wine glass accessories, it all comes down to the design. These charms should be funny, witty, glittery or have something of everything to cater to the desires of all party guests.

The price is irrelevant since even some cheap wine glass charms can do the trick and inspirit the party.

However, the hardest part of choosing the right design is to know the theme of the party or something about your friend’s personality, if you offer them as a gift. Luckily, there is something for everybody.

As we previously mentioned, magnetic charms are perfect for elegant soirees with fancy cocktails and awarded wines. Beach parties, on the contrary, require something less festive and more summery, so you can choose drink markers in the shape of action figures.

These can be easily attached to the wine glass and are great conversation starters. They also work perfectly for office parties or for pranking your coworkers.


Other considerations

As you can see, with endless possibilities available for a dime, it’s hard to find something that will perfectly match the theme of your party and your guests’ expectations. To help you easily identify the right choice, here are some other considerations:

– Are your party guests willing to see something fun or risque or are they more conservative?

– Are you using the charms on fine wine glasses or stemless glassware? Not all wine glass charms will match all glasses, especially when we’re talking about stemless items.

– Do you want to reuse the charms once the party is over? If so, you’ll have to opt for ones made of sturdy materials.

– Are wired charms elegant enough for your crowd or would it be better to go for magnetic and adhesive choices?

– Are you or your guests fond of animals, witty messages or themed parties that require the use of a certain type of charms?




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