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5 Best Wine Fridges – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wine Fridge + Reviews


Getting the best wine fridge is very useful, which is why we looked for everything you want to know about such a project and picked some products that you may be interested in, such as the NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator. What does it have so special that it’s worth a look? First of all, this product has a capacity of 12 bottles so if this is the size you are looking for, then it’s a really good starting point. The temperature can be set with ease, thanks to the accurate precision thermoelectric cooling technology to which we add integrated LED lights that consume less energy. Keeping all that in mind, in case you can’t find this product, we recommend the Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler which also has very interesting features that you may be interested in.



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5 Best Wine Fridges (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Storing wine in a proper way is very important for getting the best out of every bottle you have. You can pick a freestanding wine fridge or a built-in model, one with a more modern design or vintage aspect, one with many features or a simple one. Check out some of the top and affordable wine fridges below and learn more.



1. NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator


This model has a very cute design which is sure to grab your attention. It has a capacity of 12 bottles of wine which may fit the requirements of some people who aren’t looking for an extremely big wine fridge. It can be used by somebody who has a wine collection at home or it can be used as a sort-of minibar as well for those who love wine.

You will notice that the item has a precision thermoelectric cooling technology. While it does sound fancy, you are surely wondering what does it actually mean? Simply put, this wine fridge has the ability to set the temperature by itself which means all of your wine bottles inside will be kept at the recommended temperature.

It also includes LED lights which let you admire the wine bottles without having to squint while also not making use of much electrical energy.



The precision thermoelectric cooling technology will make for an accurate temperature setting.

It uses LED technology for the lights so the cost of consumed energy will be low.

The cooling system used is ultra-advanced so it will not only keep the wine bottles at the right temperature, but it will also be extremely quiet while doing so.

It has both horizontal and vertical shelves so you can keep the bottles in both positions. The horizontal ones are for keeping the bottles in the recommended position, while the vertical position is for those bottles that were already opened.



The temperature can change by itself which means sometimes it can go higher than what you’d like for your wine collection. Some people have resolved the solution by unplugging and then plugging the wine fridge in again.

In some cases, not even this trick can make it work properly again like it used to.

Buy from for ($425.99)




2. Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


If you want to deposit a bigger number of wine bottles, then this product might just do it. It has an overall capacity of 18 bottles of wine and you can use it for both red and wine types with no problem. It’s ideal even for a restaurant as you can keep the bottles fresh and ready for everybody who has an order of a cool bottle of wine without making them wait.

This Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is created with heavy foam insulation while also having doors that are made of thermopane. This means that outside temperatures and other factors won’t play a role in influencing the temperature the wine fridge has inside.

It is also worth mentioning that the cooling system used is thermoelectric and energy-efficient so you won’t have to spend a lot of money every time you plug it in.



The capacity of 18 bottles of wine can be a big plus for people who are looking for this exact size in their wine fridge.

Outside factors won’t interfere with the inside of the wine fridge as it has insulation with heavy foam plus doors created from thermopane.

The product is very quiet so it won’t start bothering you when you keep it plugged in.

The cooling system is energy-efficient so it’s not going to bring in bigger bills every time it’s running.

The design is very modern so it goes very well with an equally modern environment, be it the kitchen or dining room.



It seems that the inside temperature can fluctuate by itself which may keep the wine at the proper temperatures, but, at times, it could be higher than recommended which is, of course, a problem that defeats the purpose of a wine fridge.

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3. Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Cooler Display


Are you on the lookout for an even bigger wine fridge? Don’t worry, we got you covered with this model right here that presents an attractive capacity of 24 bottles of wine. This means your restaurant can always be ready for all clients during a warm summer month or you can just use it in your home for the next party you are going to organize.

The model comes with an attractive modern feature, the touch control technology. This one lets you set and control the temperature that you want the wine to have with some simple button-pushing. Temperature is highly important for stored wine so such a feature can really be of great help in the long run.

We can’t forget about the fact that the interior is odor-free and that it also has the ability to maintain the level of humidity which means that the corks won’t be dried out.



The capacity of 24 bottles of wine is useful for people with a higher demand for wine such as a restaurant.

The touch control technology permits the user to set and then control the temperature by simply pressing a button.

The odor-free interior is a plus as it won’t get a funky smell from the wine bottles, especially if one leaked.

The interior also has the role of keeping the same level of humidity so that the corks of bottles won’t be dried out when they come in contact with air or by the passing of time.



According to some reviews, the bottom part of the wine fridge doesn’t do as good of a job of cooling the wine bottles.

It is also worth mentioning that reviewers have also complained that they received a product that had dents on it, but that they could be from the company that delivered them.

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4. Kalamera KRC-24SS 24 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler


For an even bigger wine fridge, you can check this one as it has space for 24 wine bottles. It can be used for a restaurant or hotel kitchen, at a resort or, why not, even in your own home so you can entertain your party guests with their wine of choice at the temperature wine should be served in the first place.

This item benefits from a wide range of available temperatures you can use, ranging from 41 degrees F to 64 degrees F so you can keep the bottles at the constant and recommended temperatures of somewhere in between 50 and 59 degrees F. This is naturally a big benefit as it lets you keep all bottles at a temperature that will keep the wine fresh.

The ultra-modern design of the item is another big plus that will surely make those interested in a wine fridge be also interested in this one.



The body of the wine fridge is not only compact but also flexible as the 68 L internal space can be used with no problem to store up to 24 bottles of wine.

This item lets the wine stay on chrome racks which let it age without some mechanic actions interfering in any way.

The chrome shelves are removable which will let you place inside even bigger bottles by removing the shelves that take up space.

It is also important to note that this wine fridge uses LED soft light which means you’ll be able to see the light but without having the light affect the bottles or the liquid.



It seems that an error can occur in which the shown temperature and the actual one from the inside are different.

Also, it looks like this model is a rather loud one that can disturb you with the humming sound it produces.

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5. KUPPET Compressor 36 Bottle Wine Cooler


This model is the biggest unit from the ones that we reviewed with a capacity of storing up to 35 bottles of wine. Furthermore, you can place inside not only red and white wine but also other types of beverages, such as soda, champagne or beer. This makes it a choice you can try for your hotel or restaurant as it adapts easily to your necessities.

A cool advantage of the KUPPET Compressor 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is the fact that it’s environmentally friendly. It also acts faster than a typical cooling product that uses the classic thermoelectric system which also gives it a longer period in which you can use it.

This model also benefits from having integrated LED lights so you can see the wine, but without having the bottles or the wine being affected by a strong strobe of light which would provoke some damage to the overall quality.



The item has a ventilation grill and a circulation fan that is built-in which will let the inside be vented so smells don’t form, the level of humidity doesn’t get too high nor does it let for dry air to be formed in the first place.

You can select the temperature you want for your wines as this product has a range between 37.4 and 50 degrees F.

Since it reaches a maximum of 35 dB, we can classify this product as being a silent one. You can even put it in the bedroom and you won’t hear it hum during the night.



The temperatures inside can vary so you have to actually check them separately from time to time to see if they are on the right limit.

The setup of the shelves is a bit strange as some only allow for big bottles and others just small bottles.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Before actually starting the guide, we want to make one thing clear – this article is created for people who are looking for the best wine fridges that have the storage under 50 bottles. This basically also classifies them as cheap wine fridges as well since they are smaller than the ones with a capacity of over 50 bottles.

Wine fridge types

Looking at the best wine fridge reviews you can find online, you’ll notice that small wine fridges are divided into two categories: the ones with a compressor (similar to a regular refrigerator) and the silent fridges which are thermoelectric. They both have things to attract you as any wine fridge review will show you.

Still, the type that uses the thermoelectric system is often considered to be the superior one according to the best wine fridge consumer reports as they are quiet. Since most people prefer a quiet device, these ones are on the winning team from this point of view.

Yet, it is worth noting that even with the best wine fridge brands, the thermoelectric type doesn’t really focus on bringing cool air into the fridge as much as it just pulls heat out of it. After the heat is pulled out, the device will only keep the cool air that was separated before in the fridge. In short, they don’t cool as fast or as much but they are very quiet!

A compressor unit is more similar to what you’d expect from a mini-fridge. There’s a thermostat on the interior that feels if the temperature got up to more than the degrees you set which makes the compressor start the cooling of the unit. Basically, they are much noisier, but they do keep the bottles cooler.

Temperature control zones

Check out any wine fridge review and you’ll see mentioned the next important step: the decision of choosing a fridge with only one or with two temperature control zones. A fridge that has dual zones basically means that you’ll get, inside the same fridge, two zones that have different temperatures.

This is actually pretty important since it is usually recommended by most specialists to keep the red wine at one temperature and the white one at the other. You have to read many wine fridge reviews until you are going to find the ones that actually do that. Why? Often, because they are much smaller, some wine fridges just have the same temperature in both areas.

As a result, looking for the best fridge may actually result in you getting a cheap wine fridge because they can have more things in common with an expensive one than you’d expect and, not to mention, they could also have the two areas that actually work. Check the best wine fridge reviews and see what people say.

Another solution is to simply buy a wine fridge that has only one zone and just set the temperature to 60 degrees F which is a good one for both whites and reds alike. Other aspects such as design and material are up to you since they don’t make much of a difference in this case.

An affordable wine fridge may be just what you are looking for so just keep in mind some of the things mentioned and focus on what you really want the most from this device.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Are wine fridges worth it?

First of all, we should mention that there is quite a difference between a regular fridge and one made especially for wines. A wine fridge is created to offer the best possible environment for wine such as the right temperature and the correct level of humidity (which should be around 57%) in order for the wine cork to be moist.

On the other hand, we could mention that a typical kitchen fridge is just about the opposite of what a wine fridge is. A classical fridge is much colder and it is created to have as low a humidity as possible, preferably 0% which is not a good environment for wines. This makes the cork dry out and shrink, letting greater quantities of air into the wine.

If you only have a typical fridge, you can’t keep the bottles in for over a month if you want the wine to still be good. But if you have a wine fridge, be our guest, the bottles can last there for a long time.

Q: Do you put red wine in the fridge?

There’s a well-known rule among those who love their wine: if you’re serving red wine, you need to let it in the fridge for about 15 minutes before you serve it; if you’re serving white wine, you need to take it out of the fridge 15 minutes before you serve it. This small rule can make all the difference when it comes to tasting the true flavor of a wine.

If you take the red wine out of the fridge too soon, it will have a fruitless taste while white wine will have a taste that can only be described as being too tart. Take the wine out at the wrong time and it will lose the aroma that you are looking to savor.

So if you throw parties often or you like to have a wine collection, by all means, invest in a wine fridge as it will clear the space in your regular fridge for all the other goodies.


Q: What’s the best way to clean my wine fridge?

Before starting anything, remember that in order to avoid any electric shock from the fridge, you must be sure you’ve unplugged it before you start the cleaning operation. Ignore this step and you may find yourself in some very big problems that range from injuries to death even.

Another warning is that you should read the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual regarding the cleaning of the device and what products are allowed and which ones aren’t as you don’t want to damage the product or harm yourself.

For most wine fridges, the answer is pretty simple. You just have to create a solution that will help you do the cleaning based on around 3 or 4 tablespoons of baking soda that you have to mix with some warm water. This solution can be used for the regular fridge as well alongside other devices around the home.

Using a soft cloth, start wiping the fridge. Rinse it using warm and clean water. Avoid using such chemicals as ammonia, chlorine bleach or abrasives.



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