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5 Best Wine Decanters – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wine Decanter + Reviews


Things might be a bit more complicated than expected when it comes to finding the best wine decanter, especially since going through all of the related information takes a lot of time. We decided to give you a hand and bring you the answer right here. We’ve carefully looked at the relevant details, assessed the benefits each of the top-rated products offers, and concluded that the decanter you should bear in mind as a first option is Zulay Kitchen’s Premium Crystal Red Wine Decanter. The material used for its construction is crystal glass that’s also 100% lead-free, which makes it both safe and durable. Furthermore, the decanter will effectively aerate the wine in order for it to develop its full taste and aroma, while the elegant design will add a stylish touch to any dinner table. If you cannot find this particular carafe available in your area, the alternative you may want to keep in mind is Le Chateau’s Wine Decanter Lead-Free Crystal Glass.



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5 Best Wine Decanters (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Going through wine decanter reviews can sometimes be confusing, especially since there are various types of models out of which you can choose. To make this entire process easier for you, we’ve put together the selection below which showcases our favorite picks from the highest-rated decanters available on the market.



1. Zulay Kitchen Premium Crystal Red Wine Decanter 


A wine decanter such as the one offered by Zulay is a great way to maximize the aroma and taste of great wines, given that this product is quite a spectacular crystal-made masterpiece. One of the first things you should know about this unit is that it features a hand-blown design, so if you want to get a special gift for someone in your family, it’s definitely a great choice.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the decanter not being suitable for wine, given that the material used is 100% lead-free. If you decide to buy it, you are surely going to impress your friends and family, especially if they are wine enthusiasts just like yourself.

After all, wine is a special type of drink that needs to be properly served in order to reveal all its qualities. The aesthetic design will look great in any kind of setting and you can use it to aerate any type of wine.



By using this affordable wine decanter, you will enrich the aroma and improve the drink’s taste.

The stylish design brings a very nice touch to any party and dinner table, while the lightweight construction with a wide base makes the decanter very easy to handle.

The design also includes a slanted spout for easy pouring that also prevents spills and drips that might ruin the tablecloth.

Thanks to the wide diameter, you can easily wash the decanter and it will dry within minutes, and it can hold a 750ml bottle without any issue.



Depending on the type of wine you are drinking, you need to allow it to aerate for around 20 minutes.

If you want to host large dinner parties, then you should think about getting more than one decanter.

Buy from for ($31.99)




2. Le Chateau Wine Decanter Lead-Free Crystal Glass 


This exquisite wine aerator decanter offered by Le Chateau is one that ensures both an elegant addition to your dinner table, as well as effective results in terms of getting the wine to reveal its full aroma. This model features a hand-blown design, while the material used is lead-free crystal glass.

As you can imagine, the decanter’s overall quality makes it a great addition to any household, especially if you have friends who are passionate about wine coming over for dinner. The great part about it is that it works for pretty much any type of wine, red or white, including pinot noir, merlot, or cabernet.

If you have a friend who is into wines and knows a lot about them, then this decanter has every chance of being the perfect gift. The wine gets to oxygenate if the decanter is used, which means that its rich flavor and aroma are going to be released.



This decanter features the widest diameter among these products, which means that it allows maximum aeration for an entire bottle of wine.

You will be able to avoid any drips or spills thanks to the clever design that features a large slanted top.

The wine’s taste and aroma are enhanced, which makes this a great product to have around the house, especially if you often host parties and love having friends over.

The elegant and stylish design, as well as the effective results when it comes to aerating an entire bottle of wine, make this a very nice gift for a wine enthusiast.



Even though this decanter is made of high-quality materials, you should still handle it with care, as it can otherwise chip.

If you get a unit with air bubbles in its structure, you can contact the seller for a replacement, in case these are rather large.

Buy from for ($49.95)




3. Brew To A Tea Decanter with Drying Stand 


This wine decanter set is surely one you should take a closer look at, given that it features an elegant design and that it’s made with 100% lead-free crystal glass. The art of enjoying wine includes a very important aspect, namely that of aerating it, and this decanter is the perfect tool to get this done.

While all wines can go through this process, the full-bodied ones, such as Syrah or Cabernet blends, are the ones that benefit most from it. This decanter is specially made to ensure the proper surface area so that you can aerate an entire bottle without any problem.

Moreover, the unit also comes with multiple accessories that are going to make your life a lot easier in terms of ensuring its maintenance. If you want to have a great tool in your home for lovely wines to reveal their taste and aroma, you shouldn’t hesitate to give this one a try.



The decanter comes with a cork ball that has the right elasticity to create an effective seal that preserves the wine after it’s aerated.

The stainless steel drying stand it comes with features rubber coating as well, so it won’t rust or get damaged in any other way, which means that you’ll be able to dry your decanter for a long time.

The same stand can be used for other similarly-shaped decanters, while stubborn residue inside the carafe can be removed using the stainless steel cleaning beads delivered within the package.

Thanks to the stylish design, this wine decanter with stopper is a great addition to any home.



Make sure that when you use the stand you place it on a stable surface, as it can otherwise tip over and the decanter can get broken.

You need to be careful when cleaning the decanter to prevent it from breaking against the sink.

Buy from for ($44.99)




4. NEW PACIFIC YOUYAH Wine Decanter with Drying Stand 


This crystal glass wine decanter is a very good alternative for those who want to purchase a high-quality product that is delivered with all the necessary accessories. One of the aspects definitely worth noting about this unit is that it features a hand-blown construction. As you can imagine, this makes the product a stylish and high-quality one.

In terms of materials, you can rest assured that the crystal glass construction is also 100% lead-free, so there’s nothing you should worry about when it comes to the wine’s quality once you drink it.

The carafe has an overall volume of 1200ml, which means that you can aerate a bottle of wine without too much trouble. If you are in the market for a good red wine decanter, then you can rest assured that this particular model will get the job done by allowing the wine to reveal its full aroma.



This decanter comes equipped with all the necessary accessories so that you can use it without any concern for a long time.

A holder and a stopper are included in the package, given that they do a very good job of keeping the wine fresh and the decanter in top shape.

We know that many wine enthusiasts are worried about the decanter’s cleaning process, but this model comes with a box of cleaning beads and a brush to make this task easy.

Thanks to the classic and elegant design, this decanter is suitable for any dinner party and occasion, so you surely won’t regret choosing it.



You should pour the wine with care, as some spills might occur if you are in a hurry, despite the design specially made to prevent this.

The glass is rather lightweight, so you may want to handle the decanter with care, especially when you wash it.

Buy from for ($42.95)




5. SJ Wine Decanter 


This SJ model is not necessarily a cheap wine decanter, but it might be available at a very good price, depending on whether you find an offer or not. The important thing is that it does a great job of aerating your favorite wines. Using such a decanter is not only a stylish way to serve wine, but it’s also a very important part of enjoying an enhanced taste and aroma.

This particular carafe works great for both white and red wines, so there’s no restriction in terms of how to use it. If you want to make an impression on your friends, especially if they are into wines and everything that revolves around their exquisite taste, then going for such a decanter is surely the right choice.

It can also be a very nice gift for someone in your family or for one of your friends, so if you lack inspiration on what to get, then you can safely choose this decanter.



The convenient design is specially made to prevent spills, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your table safe when using this decanter.

Thanks to its 1800ml capacity, it can safely aerate a standard bottle of wine, which makes it effective if you often have many friends over.

The premium crystal glass used is entirely hand-blown, so you don’t need to worry about its quality and durability.

If you are into wines and want to feel like an expert, this decanter is the right product to have around your home.



The decanter is rather heavy, given the thick glass used for its construction, so that’s something you should be aware of.

Make sure that you handle it with care, especially when you wash it, to prevent any chipping that might otherwise happen.

Buy from for ($25)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you are reading a wine decanter review but you are still not sure whether it’s the right choice for your needs, then you are probably just getting started in the wine world, so you might not be sure what characteristics to keep in mind when deciding which model to go for.

Wines are complex substances that can offer exquisite experiences in terms of aroma and taste, but they need to be served in the right conditions. With this in mind, you should consider getting a decanter, and in the next lines, we’re going to take a look at what details you need to be aware of.


The first thing you should decide is the type of decanter you need to use. Wide-neck models are ideal if aeration is the primary goal. These allow the wine to properly come in contact with air which, in turn, allows flavors to develop. This means that wide-neck models tend to make even younger wines taste rather complex.

Since aeration makes wines taste richer, these decanters work very well for cheaper wines as well. Plus, they are also easier to clean, given their design. Thin-neck decanters, on the other hand, are used to separate the sediment. A narrow neck allows much less air inside, which means that these models are not suitable for aerating wines.

They work very well for aged wines which are usually more expensive, given that they ensure a cleaner flavor. Ofter times, thin-neck decanters also come with special brushes for cleaning, given their rather unusual design.

If you want to use a decanter with easy pouring, then going for a wide-mouth model is the right choice. This goes especially if you are less experienced with using a decanter, given that oddly-shaped models can be a bit challenging to pour from without causing a little mess. In the end, you don’t want to waste expensive wine, so this can be a better option.



When it comes to the material used, decanters are usually made of crystal. This is a durable alternative and, let’s face it, it also looks great. Such models can be used both for getting the best taste out of a bottle of wine, but also for decoration purposes when they are not being used.

Crystal also allows more complex designs, so if you want a high-quality decanter that is going to last for a long time, then crystal is the way you should go. It’s true that some users might be afraid about lead being present within the crystal, but this is usually the case for decanters made before 1969, according to experts, and today most producers took care of this issue.

You can also choose a glass decanter if you are looking for a more budget-friendly solution to aerate your favorite wine. Such models are usually cheaper and they are also dishwasher safe. Crystal is a porous material, so the best way to maintain it is by hand-washing it. That’s why glass decanters are a lot easier to maintain in the long run.

You should also take a look at the accessories a decanter comes with, as using a stopper is a great way to keep it fresh once it’s aerated, even if you are not going to drink it all. Without a stopper, wine loses its flavor after 18 to 24 hours of sitting in a decanter.



Frequently asked questions


Q: What is the purpose of a wine decanter?

Decanting wine means that the sediment is separated from the wine, so that the user can enjoy a clear and better-tasting experience. If the sediments are left there, the taste can be more astringent and the wine wouldn’t look good in the glass either. With this being said, it’s important to mention that not every wine needs to be decanted, as this depends on age and type.

A second reason to decant a wine is to aerate it. Sometimes wines can be a bit closed on the palate or nose after sitting in a bottle for several years. That’s why pouring the wine from the bottle into a decanter allows it to take oxygen and thus develop its flavors and aromas.

Wines that usually benefit from this are Syrah and Cabernet blends, so that’s good to keep in mind. A decanter is a very good way to make a wine taster more rich and complex, so it’s definitely the type of product you want to have around your kitchen.

Q: How long should you leave the wine in a decanter?

One of the things you should be aware of is that once decanting is done, it cannot be undone in any way. That’s why getting a decanter with a stopper allows you to enjoy drinking the wine even after the process is done without having to pour it back into a bottle.

In terms of the necessary time for proper decanting, the answer depends on the age and variety of wine you intend to drink. The timing can range from around 30 minutes for wines such as Pinot Noir or Zinfandel to up to 3 hours for complex ones such as Syrah blends and Nebbiolo.

You should also check on the wine from time to time during this period, as each bottle is different and you don’t want to have any surprises that might alter the taste past the ideal point. If you have any questions about the necessary time for your particular type of wine, then a bit of online research will surely help.


Q: What wines should be decanted?

Many people are rather scared about decanting wine because they are not sure when and how they should do it. It’s true that not all wines should be decanted, but the golden rule says that old and daring red wines should go through this process. If you have an old bottle of wine, then you will want to decant it for the purpose of removing the sediment.

However, younger and bold wines, such as Syrah, Cabernet, and Nebbiolo also need to be decanted for aerating purposes and will develop a richer aroma. The list of wines you can surely consider for decanting also include Malbec, Sangiovese, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Garnacha Blends, Pinot Noir, and Dão and Douro Reds.

However, these are just some examples, so the right approach here is simply choosing your wine and then doing a bit of online research to see if and for how long you should decant it.




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