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5 Best Wine Carriers Compared & Reviewed


Best Wine Carrier Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Since there are plenty of offers you can pick from when it comes to wine carriers, we looked at some really popular models to see if they are worth the hype or if you should keep looking for the best wine carrier. A model that you could like is the OPUX Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Carrier for Travel & Party that has several attractive features you’ll surely be interested in. One of the advantages that this wine carrier comes with is the fact that it has a really versatile interior flap which will let you place 2 bottles inside without any problems even when the bottles are on the larger side of things. The interior has a padded lining that keeps the bottles from breaking into each other. Also, the shoulder strap is adjustable. In case that this model is not available, another good choice is the Tirrinia Insulated 4 Bottle Wine Carrier for Travel & Picnic.



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5 Best Wine Carriers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



A wine carrier is also called a wine bag or a wine tote bag. As this is an item that you go out with, it has to be both practical, but also it has to look good. We looked at all the features that might interest you so if you decide to buy one, you’ll know exactly what you are going to get.



1. OPUX Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Carrier for Travel & Party


This item comes with several attractive features from which we have to mention the shoulder strap which will make carrying it very easy. This is possible due to the fact that the strap is not only adjustable but also detachable. As a result, you can put the wine carrier on the length that is best for your height or for your comfort.

Also, you can just remove the shoulder strap so this way you can carry it in your hand if you prefer this version more. The fact that the hand straps are also padded will help a lot. The lining is also padded which has the role of keeping the bottles from knocking into each other and breaking.

The OPUX Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Carrier for Travel & Party has an interior that’s rather versatile and lets you place in it 2 bottles with no problem without having their size play an important role.



This item will let you take your best 2 bottles of wine with you when you go to a picnic, a barbecue, a day at the beach, etc.

The product comes with a corkscrew bottle opener so you can always be ready to open the bottles.

The material is thermally insulated so it will keep the wine cold if you put it inside when it’s cold or warm if you placed it in when it was warm.

You can remove the shoulder strap if you want to carry the bag in your hand or you can adjust it to fit your needs better.

Because of its pleasant design, you can also buy it as a gift for somebody.



The material is not waterproof. While this won’t affect your bottles of wine necessarily, if you put ice in it and it starts melting, it will leak out of the carrier.

Buy from for ($20.99)




2. Tirrinia Insulated 4 Bottle Wine Carrier for Travel & Picnic


A bag that might interest you is this one which also has a shoulder strap you can adjust to your liking and a handle that is really sturdy. This means you can go from one place to another and carry the bottles how you see fit and in the most comfortable position. There is also no risk in the bottles breaking.

Allowing you to carry 4 bottles is already a huge advantage if you tend to spend time with a group of people who like their wine. This wine carrier has inside a divider that is also padded and is made of two belts that have the role of keeping the bottles from bumping into one another, thus avoiding their breaking.

Regardless if you plan to go to a beach party, to a barbecue or a festival, you can rely on this product for having a big carrying capacity.



The shoulder strap can be adjusted so you can carry it as you feel more comfortable. In case you prefer the handle, you can use it, as it’s also really resistant. The buckle is also made of stainless steel.

The bottles won’t break thanks to the padded divider that keeps them from touching each other.

The design is very pleasant and modern so you can also give it to somebody who you know would appreciate the gesture.

Also, you’ll notice that the interior is thermally isolated so you’ll have the wine bottles kept at the same temperature for a longer period of time.

Once you remove the divider, you can also use this wine carrier as a bag for a picnic and similar activities as it still keeps the thermal isolation feature.



The stitching may not always be in the shape you’d wish it was so you’ll need to handle the carrier if you want to use it in the long term.

You can’t use ice as it will leak, which might be bad news if you want to drink ice-cold wine during the summer.

Buy from for ($25.98)




3. Handy Laundry Tote Bag 4 Bottle Pockets for Travel


This tote bag for carrying wine is created so you can put inside four bottles of standard size. The tote is divided into four pockets so there will be a pocket for each bottle. Because of this, you can be sure that there will be no accidents with bottles smashing each other as you move.

Furthermore, the way the bag was created means that the bottles will be kept with their necks up so the wine won’t be agitated by your walking.

In order to transport the bottles, you can use the handles as the Handy Laundry Tote Bag 4 Bottle Pockets for Travel has two of them so it can be used as a regular tote bag, it will not hurt your hands, and people may not even catch on about what you are carrying.

This model has an extra-thick layer of padding which has the highly important role of keeping the bottles from bumping into each other.



It comes with two resistant handles so you can carry it like a regular tote bag.

The bottles won’t bump into one another thanks to the extra-thick padding and the four pockets the bag has, one pocket for each bottle of wine.

The upper side has a zipper that you can easily operate to get a bottle out.

You can use it when you are traveling, if you are going for a picnic, to the beach, etc.

The material used to make the tote bag is a foldable canvas so you won’t need to worry about space as once you’ve folded it, you can put it almost anymore without taking any space.



If you put four big bottles in it so the tote bag is at full capacity, the zipper doesn’t do very well as a level of high pressure can rip it apart.

While it works for when you hand carry it, it doesn’t do a good job if the tote bag is shipped or packed and has bottles in it.

Buy from for ($10.99)




4. Tirrinia Insulated 2 Bottle Wine Tote Carrier


This wine tote carrier was created with a portable design in mind and it delivers. You can carry it in your hand thanks to the resistant handle or on your shoulders as it benefits from an adjustable shoulder strap with a stainless steel buckle. This way you’ll have the wine with you when you go to the party, to the beach, to a picnic, etc.

You’ll notice that the product is made of thermally insulated material which will keep your bottles at a good temperature for several hours so you won’t have to drink warm wine when you prefer the colder variety.

We also have to mention that the interior also has a 5 mm PE padding made of foam which will keep the bottles from bumping into one another, but also safe from any outside sources. You should still be careful, but overall there’s a smaller chance of the bottles breaking.



The bottles of wine will be protected from being shattered thanks to the interior padded divider that keeps the two of them divided.

The divider is highly useful as it lowers to the risk of the bottles breaking and leaking to almost zero.

We also have to mention the fact that it is collapsable so you can make use of this as a cooler bag for other products as well such as beverages and certain types of food.

Thanks to the size it has, you’ll notice that you won’t have a problem with placing the two bottles of wine inside.

As it has a very cute and modern design, you can also buy it as a gift for somebody who you know loves their wine.



Bigger wine bottles will have a hard time trying to fit in.

The product is not waterproof so melted ice will leak out of it.

Buy from for ($20.98)




5. BUILT NY 2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Bottle Tote


Different from all of the above is this wine bottle tote that you just have to show to a friend and it looks like fun times are coming. Thanks to its small size, you can take it with you anywhere, just put it in your bag and nobody will blink an eye or suspect you of carrying alcohol on you.

The product is made of neoprene which is also known as wetsuit material and also has the advantage of being stretchy. This type of material is good at protecting the bottles from bumping into each other and breaking when you travel.

The maximum this wine bottle tote can carry is two bottles of around 750 ml or 1 liter and it can keep them at a temperature that will make drinking the wine a real pleasure. The handles have a soft grip, thus making carrying the product really easy and it won’t hurt your hands.



The handles of the tote are soft-gripped so they won’t hurt your hand when you carry the bottles.

The closures of the handles include Velcro so the bottles can be kept inside the tote bag as safely as possible with no risk of being broken.

Also, the material used for this product is resistant to stains so you won’t have to wash it as quickly as possible if you spilled some wine on it.

If you do manage to stain the tote, you just have to put it in a washing machine and it will be taken care of with no extra effort from you.

We also have to mention the colors and design used for this tote as they make it look really cool and modern.



Most bottles that are a bit wider than the standard version will not fit.

Some people have complained that they ordered blue and still received a black model.

Buy from for ($29.32)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Wine carriers are called wine bags and wine tote bags, but, regardless of what you call them, if you’re a party person, you need one. Such a product has to be practical so you’ll be able to carry the bottles you need, it has to be also comfortable when you travel with it, but it also needs to look good.

Imagine going for a picnic and you have to carry the bottles in the classic paper brown bag. Why not be extra cool and come with a product that actually looks good and inviting to the party? This is why we prepared this buying guide so you can find which features are the most important.

Finding the best wine carriers is not rocket science, but you still have to know some of the most important aspects. Do you need a 2 bottle wine carrier or a 4 bottle wine carrier? Think of what your needs are generally and make a decision based on that. This wine carriers review will surely help you understand things better.

Comfort is not to be neglected

Aside from finding an affordable wine carrier, the bag should be also comfortable. Check the handles and shoulder strap and see if they are sturdy and resistant for the weight you are going to carry. A 3 bottle wine carrier is going to weigh more than one for just 1 bottle so you have to keep that in mind.

Some of the accessories that these wine carriers can include are a corkscrew or wine glasses so you can find them more appealing even if they sometimes are not really cheap wine carriers. So the right wine carrier is the one that is best for you and for your needs.

Other considerations

An insulated wine carrier is recommended as it keeps the temperature cool for the wine at all times. You can find a cheap wine carrier that benefits from this feature as much as you can find an expensive wine carrier bag.

Many wine carriers reviews will also mention this feature as it is a really important one especially when you are outside at a picnic or on the beach when warm wine just doesn’t cut it.

Such a bag has to keep the wine secure and safe and for that, you have to buy a model that is made of resistant material. Glass bottles are really fragile at times and the outside temperature can influence the quality of wine so pick affordable wine carriers made of polyester, canvas, leather or even a special kind of paper.

It doesn’t matter if you throw an impromptu party, if you go on a hike on a trail far away from the loud city or you’ve just been invited to a friend’s house for dinner. You need to know how many people are going to be there so when picking a wine carrier, think about your usual lifestyle. Do you usually go out with just your partner or is there a whole group of friends?

This influences directly the number of bottles you need to buy and how big or small the wine carrier tote bag has to be. Don’t buy a bigger one “just in case” when it’s usually just the two of you and clearly don’t buy a small one when you’re talking about a whole bunch of people.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How to choose the right wine carrier for your needs?

When choosing a wine carrier, you have to think of several things and one of them is how much wine you plan to carry with it. The same question applies if you want to give a tote bag wine carrier to somebody. The overall quantity of alcohol that you plan to use is what you should base your final decision on.

Of course, all other factors are highly important, but would it really help if you end up carrying two bottles in the bag and one in hand? If you are planning to use this wine carrier when going to a festival with friends or going to a beach with them, you are probably going to need a bigger one.

If it’s just you and your best friend, then maybe a model for one or two would suffice. In the end, it’s all up to you and your general habits that you should base your decision on.

Q: Are all wine carriers insulated?

This is a pretty hard question to ask since we can’t possibly check all wine carriers available on the market, but from what we’ve seen (and we’ve seen plenty) we can say that yes, it is very likely that if not all, at least the vast majority of wine carriers are insulated. We haven’t found one that wasn’t and it seems unlikely you will either unless they were badly made.

But what are these insulated wine carriers that we’re talking about exactly? Simply put, an insulated wine carrier is an item that lets you keep the drinks, food and so on fresh, at a cool temperature, away from the heat that might spoil them. In a way, a wine carrier that is not insulated wouldn’t be a very good one as you probably want a cooler wine.

As a result, it seems more likely than not that the wine carrier you will want to buy will be insulated.


Q: Are wine carriers divided into compartments?

Wine carriers can be made to serve anywhere between 1 to 6 bottles of wine. Above this limit, wine carriers tend to become cases, to have wheels and so on so they stray away from the tote bag design that a wine carrier usually has. While a wine carrier for 1 bottle of wine doesn’t really have a reason to have more than one compartment, there are still exceptions.

You can find wine carriers that have an extra pocket for glasses or for the accessories you need when it comes to drinking wine, such as a corkscrew. Generally, compartments tend to be used for models that can carry at least 2 bottles as this keeps them from bumping into each other and reduces the risk of them breaking.

We wouldn’t recommend buying a wine carrier for more than 2 bottles without compartments exactly for that reason so you can be sure that your bottles are always safe.



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