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5 Best Wine Bottles – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wine Bottle + Reviews


This short yet comprehensive guide will help you find the best wine bottle out there, especially if you’re tired of searching the web with no result. In this wine bottle review, we will examine the quality, the pros, and cons of some of the most popular products on the market. After intense analysis, our team found out that the North Mountain Supply – W5-AQ 750ml Glass Bordeaux Wine Bottle is one of the most interesting options. This is mainly thanks to the increased strength of the bottles. Another reason why you should look for these bottles is the green color that looks great and also does a good job of protecting the wine against the sun. Furthermore, these bottles work with the main cork sizes. If you are unable to find our first recommendation, try to look for the Nicebottles Wine Bottles with Corks, Clear, 750ml.



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5 Best Wine Bottles (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Whether you’re looking for cheap wine bottles, or you want something fancier to showcase the beautiful color of your wine, we’ve got you covered. In each of the wine bottle reviews below, you will find the essential elements that make each model good for you, but also their bad parts.



1. North Mountain Supply – W5-AQ 750ml Glass Bordeaux Wine Bottle


These limited edition Aqua Glass bottles will help you showcase your wine like never before. They have the classic Bordeaux shape and the characteristic rounded top. This type of wine bottle glass should be used for Bordeaux-style wines, such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Unlike the classic Bordeaux bottle, however, these ones don’t have a deep punt.

This means that you won’t be able to use them for wines that put a lot of pressure on the bottle. In terms of aesthetics, the glass is colored in green, which will help keep the wine better preserved against oxidation. The manufacturers say this is a unique kind of green and a great way to show off your wine.

This is the kind of bottle that works with the common corks – if you have a floor corker use a size #9 cork, for hand corkers use #8. The company also ensures safe transportation for the bottles.



The color of these bottles is a classic one, green being the most popular amongst wine enthusiasts, and it helps with keeping the wine fresh for a longer time.

Once you get to touch the bottle you can feel how strong the glass it has been made of is.

The green color has a nice nuance to it, and the manufacturer says it’s a unique color that should attract the eye while letting you see the details of the wine.

This is a case of 12 limited-edition bottles, and owning them should give you the feel of having something unique.

Working with the most important cork sizes, #8 and #9, these bottles won’t have you wondering how to preserve your wine.



Given that there is basically no punt on the bottom of the glass, you will find yourself unable to place highly-pressurized wines in them.

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2. Nicebottles Wine Bottles with Corks, Clear, 750ml


This pack of 6 wine bottles should serve you well if you’re looking to preserve some precious wine in the cellar for one or more years. With a capacity of 750 milliliters, these bottles are some of the most voluminous you can get when it comes to storing wine. They won’t be good for single servings when you are ending your dinner, but for storing your wine for a prolonged time.

They have the classic Bordeaux shape, with the high shoulders, but unlike those classic bottles, these ones don’t have a punt, but rather a flat bottom. This means they will have slightly better stability, but they won’t hold up to the pressure of more acidic wines.

Thanks to the strong and heavy glass, these bottles will endure the hardships of your garage or cellar and might even survive a bump or two. They are also a great gift for wine lovers.



The glass is transparent, and that means you will be able to see the true color of the wine. Those that like to admire their wines will be pleased by this.

These bottles come with their own corks, so you won’t have to worry about finding some to fit their size.

Given the fact that these bottles can hold 750 milliliters, they are ideal for storing the wine for longer periods.

Suitable for home, commercial use, or as gifts, you can use the bottles anyway you want. You can even store some other kind of drink in them.



The quality of the corkscrews is doubtable. Even from the picture, you can see that they appear to be handcrafted by someone who seemed to be in a hurry.

Taking into account that the glass is transparent, the wines will suffer oxidation faster, and that means you will have to keep them away from sunlight.

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3. Nicebottles Plastic Wine Bottles & Screw Caps, Green, 750ml


If you are looking for some bottles that are able to withstand everything you throw at them, these are the ones. These plastic bottles will keep your wine safely preserved for longer periods, as they are made of strong and resilient material. They are also green, which means you can hold them under direct sunlight for longer without the wine getting oxidized.

They come in a Bordeaux-style shape and that means they are ideal for wines like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Even though they are made of plastic, they still have a small punt on their bottom to make them even stronger.

Their storage capacity is 750 milliliters each and they come in packs of 12. They come with plastic screw caps (the type you usually find on regular plastic bottles), and their dark color goes well with the rest of the bottle. The neck of the bottle has also been painted in black.



Being made of plastic, it’s clear that these bottles have the clear advantage of being more resistant when it comes to bumps or drops.

The green color will keep the wine fresh for longer, in case you will be keeping it in sunlight.

The plastic caps are reusable, they look nice, and are also easy to screw on the bottles, or to unscrew.

Each of the bottles also comes with a small punt on their bottom to make them even stronger, so they can hold more acidic wines.

Given that these bottles can hold 750 milliliters of wine, they are a great choice for those that need to store their wine in larger quantities, for longer.



Plastic is known as a material that’s not so easy to recycle and if you want to be an eco-friendly person, you should choose glass.

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4. North Mountain Supply 750ml Clear Glass


Made in the USA, you know that these bottles can stand the test of time as they are crafted using the best available technology. This case contains 12 Bordeaux-style bottles with a rounded top. They can hold 750 milliliters each and they come with screw-tops and lids. Given that these bottles are transparent, you can see the true color of the wine through them.

The caps that come with the bottles are made of plastic, have a nice black color, and they are easy to screw. The manufacturer doesn’t say too much about the quality of the glass, but it seems strong enough to hold most types of wines and drinks, although the bottles don’t come with the bottom punt that would make them stronger.

You can use a professional grade dishwasher to sterilize them, but they can also be boiled if you don’t have that kind of equipment.



The clear glass will allow any wine lover to see the true color of the wine, be it a beautiful red or a clear white or rose.

These bottles are 750 milliliters each and taking into account that there are 12 of them, you will have enough available volume to store a large batch of wine.

You also get some nice black screw caps with these bottles, so you don’t have to look for them somewhere else.

These bottles can be hand-washed, sanitized using a professional dishwasher, or boiled if you want to sterilize them.

They are made in the USA, and that means you can be sure about the quality of the production process.



These bottles are made to be kept in the cellar or in a place where the sun doesn’t affect the wine, and that is because of the clear color that doesn’t protect against oxidation.

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5. Encheng 12 oz Glass Bottles With Cork Lids


Made to hold 375 milliliters or 12 ounces, this tall and elegant bottle is the perfect choice if you’re looking to store your wine in small bottles that can be served fully at a meal. You can also store beer or any other kind of beverage in it. 10 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide at the bottom, there are 12 such bottles in a package.

They all come with corks and are safely packaged. Made using heavy-duty glass, they are reusable and sturdy and they won’t put you in any kind of danger, as they are food-grade safe. The cork is made of natural materials and everything here is made to be convenient to use and durable.

Thanks to the quality strong glass, the bottles can be used for fermentation, home brewing, and simple storage. Wines of all kinds can be stored in these bottles thanks to their clear color.



Ideal for home brewing anything from wine to beer, water kefir, limoncello, soda, and many others, these bottles are a great way of storing your drinks.

With the clear exterior, you can see the true color of the contents inside, and if you have a beautiful-looking wine you would want bottles like these.

Even if you don’t intend to use these bottles for storing beverages, you can still use them for DIY projects, or for arts and crafts reasons.

Once you place the corkscrew on, the bottle should be airtight and sealed so there is no leak – no wine will be wasted as a result.

For better protection, the bottles also come with a plastic that tops the cork to keep everything better sealed.



Although the glass used isn’t thin, it still feels like a cheap wine bottle – it scratches easily and if you hit it you might end up breaking the bottle.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


The best wine bottles will have you enjoy your wine even more. The following guide should give you a glimpse of how to choose the ideal bottle for you. No matter if you’re looking for a set of affordable wine bottles, or you want something to impress your friends with, here are the things to pay attention to.

Different wine bottle sizes

There are 3 main bottle sizes usually found in the U.S. The smallest of them is the split, which has a volume of 375 milliliters, then there is the 750-milliliter standard bottle, and the largest of them is the 1.5 liters large bottle. They all have pretty much the same neck diameter, and they can work well with the most common corks numbered as 7, 8, or 9.

You can also find larger bottles if you wish, and you will need a wider cork for them, but be careful that cork insertion can be difficult with these bottles because the corks are larger than what most corking machines can work with.

Now, to discuss some of the specifics. If you have a sweet wine, something like ice wine or port, you need to house it in splits, small bottles. These are wines that you drink in small amounts, and these bottles are also great if you want to give the wine as a gift. Splits are great for single servings if you want a bottle of wine for a meal.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have the large 1.5-liter bottles that you can use to store the wine for a longer period, and such a product can prove to be an affordable wine bottle. They are also easier to clean, but they also mean that you can’t finish an entire bottle after a single serving and thus they require additional preservation methods once you open the bottle.


What about color?

Green is the most popular color when it comes to empty wine bottles, but few know that there are 2 shades of green. One of them is the Champagne green, which is darker, and almost opaque. Dead-leaf green is lighter and has a yellower shade. There are also other colors used in wine bottles, antique, and smoke being some of those.

These later ones are most often used for Fume Blancs or red wines. Amber bottles or brown ones are rarer to find, but they often contain ports and sherries, or the sweeter German wines, which have been historically preserved in bottles like these.

If you want to show off the color of your bottle you can always choose clear, or flint, bottles. One of the popular wines that get bottled like this is the White Zinfandel, which is renowned for its pink tint. Through clear bottles, you can even see the cork, if you want to show off with that as well.

Final words about shape

Grouped into 4 main categories, bottle shapes vary from Bordeaux to Burgundy, Hock, and Specialty. Also called Claret, the Bordeaux bottle comes with high shoulders and a deep punt. Burgundy bottles have lower shoulders and come usually in dead-leaf shades, while Hock bottles are tall and slender, and most often come in brown or clear colors.

The Champagne bottle can be put in the Specialty zone, as it’s made to handle more pressure and it’s thicker. You can use weirder bottles for some awesome wine bottle crafts.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are the different types of wine bottles?

When it comes to the shape of a wine bottle there are many varieties. You have a high shoulder bottle, which is the most common of them. Made popular in Bordeaux where it has been used for popular wines like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, or for white wines. The sloping shoulder is often used for oak-aged white wines and for wines like Pinot Noir, Grenache, or Chardonnay.

For sparkling wine and champagne, you need to have heavier bottles as they have to withstand the pressure. The punts at the bottom of the bottles should help with giving more strength. Another type of bottle is the dessert one, which is not that often seen. Dessert style bottles are, of course, used for dessert wines – they present many more ornamental pieces compared to regular bottles.

And if you’re wondering how much does a bottle of wine weigh – the answer to that is from 375 milliliters to 1.5 liters.

Q: Why are some wine bottles Green?

You will often notice that empty bottles rarely have a clear color, and that is because see-through bottles don’t offer what wine needs – protection against the sun rays. The main reason why you want the bottle to be colored is to prevent the wine from oxidation, a common fault. Although some oxygen is good for the wine, allowing too much of it in the bottle will cause it to become dull.

Wines contain antioxidants that prevent this from happening, but when the drink sits in constant sunlight, the light can break down the antioxidants and its tannins. This means that the substances can’t do their job of conserving the wine anymore.

Green glass has been a classic in these regards as it tends to block enough sunlight, but some say that amber glass is better nowadays and it should be used more. However, it’s difficult to imagine a wine bottle without its classic green look.


Q: Why do wine bottles have a deep bottom?

Traditionally, the deep bottom of a wine bottle is called a punt. This feature is visible on the bottle because, when the bottles were made by glassblowers, the punt had a specific function. The bottom of the bottles was pushed upwards to make sure the bottle could stand upright and remove any eventual sharp point on the glass’ bottom.

Of course, nowadays bottles are much stronger than they used to be and they are usually made using machines. As a result, the punt does no longer serve that historical function, but it still remains as an aesthetic feature. Some say that the deep bottom helps with collecting sediments as the wine ages.

One additional function that the punt can serve is to offer structural integrity to the bottle. Usually, the thicker the bottom, the stronger the bottle, but that is not always the case.



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