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5 Best Wine Bottle Cutters – Reviews & Analysis 


Top Cutters for Wine Bottles – Guide & Comparison


If you’re passionate about DIY projects, there are thousands of wonderful and unique decorations you can do with the help of the best wine bottle cutter. And, if you’re in the market for such a product, we reckon the HPST Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Bundle is the right choice for you. It represents an eco-friendly solution that will help you smartly reuse bottles to express your creativity and make new decorations and accessories for your house. The bundle includes a premium-quality glass cutter, a pair of cut-resistant gloves, easy-to-follow instructions, as well as an audiobook and ebook to help you start. The product features an extra-durable blade that guarantees that it will last up to 50% more than the competition and provide over 100,000 cuts. If this item is not available for sale right away, perhaps an alternative wine bottle cutter that might spark your interest would be the Vibirit Glass Bottle Cutter Tools.



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5 Best Wine Bottle Cutters (Updated Reviews) in 2021



There are unlimited projects you can pick up with the help of an affordable wine bottle cutter to improve your skills and create unique decorations for your house and your friends. Showcased below you can find some of the most sought-after tools, alongside their in-depth reviews, so you can choose the device that will help you complete all your DIY projects.



1. HPST Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Bundle


Why settle for a cheap wine bottle cutter when you can opt for a product that comes with all necessary accessories to help you complete your DIY projects without costing a fortune either? This bundle from HPST comes with a high-quality pair of gloves that are cut-resistant, as well as easy-to-follow instructions, an ebook, and an audiobook filled with tips and ideas of decorations you can easily do on your own.

The glass cutter is of superior quality, completely adjustable, and user-friendly. It is specifically designed for cutting jars and bottles and features an easy adjustment system that works for bottles of various sizes, including mini ones. The maximum length of the bottle that can be cut using this device is 19.6 inches, meaning you can experiment with different products as you please.

The cutter boasts an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade that will deliver more than 100,000 precise cuts and it can be used for glass, mirrors, tiles, stained glass, and other surfaces.



It is delivered with a complete set of great accessories to help you easily get started and learn how to use the device safely.

The cutter boasts a super-resistant blade designed to withstand over 100,000 perfect cuts, meaning you can use it time and again for all your DIY decorative projects.

You can use the product on a wide array of bottles and jars, from wine to liquor, beer, whiskey, champagne or soda. By reusing old bottles and redesigning them you are supporting nature and fighting against waste.

The product is light yet solid, featuring an easy adjustment system with 5 support wheels created to hold the bottle into place so that you can ensure precise cutting.



The product is advertised as coming with 5 support wheels but, upon arrival, only three of them are already mounted. Although it’s not a difficult task, it will still take you some time to add the remaining wheels if you want to keep your bottle in place, regardless of its size.

Buy from for ($32.97)




2. Vibirit Glass Bottle Cutter Tools


If you’re looking for a wine bottle glass cutter tool equipped with all necessary accessories to start working on your DIY projects immediately, this product from Vibirit could prove the right choice.

The bundle contains a glass bottle cutter, one glass cutter, a pair of protective gloves, two rubber rings, a glass drill bit, a cleaning brush, four sandpapers, a small screwdriver, and an extra nut. Therefore, you have everything you need to assemble the cutter and make it functional in just a few minutes.

The cutter features a sturdy non-slip base made of stainless steel that will keep the tool stable on the ground to prevent injuries and uneven cuts. There are also 5 support wheels made of strong PU material to help you easily adjust the cutter to meet the needs of various sizes of bottles. The high-hardness tungsten cutter head made of steel can cut all shapes of bottles and cans, including round, oval, and square.



The item features a sturdy stainless steel base that adds more protection and ensures increased security when handling all types of glass.

It is delivered with a full set of useful accessories, including a pair of protective gloves to prevent injuries and cuts from handling glass all day long.

The 5 PU material support wheels allow you to easily adjust the length of the glass cutter to a length of up 10 inches, so you can perfectly cut various sizes and types of bottles, including those of soda, beer or wine.

The non-slip base will stay in place and will provide more stability when working with dangerously sharp glass.



The pictures you’ll find in the instructions don’t match the pieces that come with this bottle cutter so it will be difficult to assemble the product. Moreover, if you don’t drill another hole, you’ll get uneven or superficial cuts which will make the entire experience harder and unpleasant.

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3. Snewvie Glass Bottle Cutter Kit DIY


Boasting a sturdy base made of stainless steel, this product represents an excellent choice for all people who are into a more sustainable lifestyle and love recycling. With the help of this cutter, you can create a large array of decorations from all types of bottles, whether they’re from wine, beer, soda, whiskey or water.

Unlike many products that only offer 3 adjustment scales, the Snewvie cutter can be adjusted to any scale, allowing you to easily cut any bottle, no matter its size. This tool is also delivered with a set of useful accessories, including two cutting blades, a glass hole saw, a pair of protective gloves, two matte papers, a cleaning sponge, hemp rope, one screwdriver, and an instructions manual amongst others.

The extra durable blade on this cutter is made of high-quality diamond carbide and promises to deliver over 200,000 clean cuts. You’ll also receive one cutter replacement so you can prolong the life of this product.



The tool boasts a sharp blade made of quality diamond carbide that can get through over 200,000 cuts, delivering the same remarkable results each time.

Thanks to the multiple adjustment scales, you can use the cutter to cut all sizes and shapes of bottles, from wine bottles to water, whiskey, beer, soda, and others.

This cutter is delivered with all necessary accessories to help you get started on your home projects right away.

The sturdy base is made of stainless steel and is non-slippery, allowing you to easily keep the bottle still so you’ll get a clean and even cut.



We appreciate the detailed set of instructions on how to use and look after the cutter to prolong its life. That being said, the manufacturer recommends oiling the blade after a while to maintain its cutting abilities and ensure a clean cut every time you use it.

Buy from for ($22.99)




4. WakeyPQ Bottle Cutter Glass Tool


Going through this wine bottle cutter review, you’ll easily understand why the product represents one of the most popular choices amongst those who are looking to improve their DIY skills and work with recycled glass.

The item features a solid base made of stainless steel that won’t chip, break or corrode in time, maintaining its same design, color, and features even after years of use. The powerful blade is designed to deliver more than 100,000 cuts with high precision, meaning you can use it to create all types of decorations for your home, garden or working space.

It comes with a set of useful accessories, including a pair of protective gloves that will keep your hands away from cuts and injuries. You can use the cleaning sponge to remove all residue and debris after each successful cut to keep the product looking fresh and new for a longer time.



One of the things we liked the most about the cutter is that it comes fully assembled and ready to use, so you won’t spend precious time putting the pieces together.

The length of the cutting blade on the support plate can be adjusted to any size from 3.1 inches to 11 inches, meeting the needs of various shapes and sizes of bottles. Therefore, the cutter can be used to reshape wine, whiskey, soda, water, champagne, and other types of bottles.

The full set of accessories ensures you have everything you need, including some spare pieces, to start working on your decoration projects right away.

The stainless steel knife head and the PU wheel provide extra sturdiness and precision so you can easily cut through any type of glass.



Although the blade is powerful, you will still need to extensively use the sandpaper provided to smooth the surfaces of the cut glass.

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5. Kebs Mall Upgraded Bottle Cutting Tool Kit


If you like to recycle and you have a dose of creativity, you can use this product from Kebs Mall to make wonderful flower vases, pots, candle supports, and other decorations from old bottles.

Featuring a quality stainless steel base, this glass cutter promises to deliver the same quality after months or years of extensive use. It won’t break, chip or corrode, and is versatile enough to allow you to easily cut all types of bottles up to 20 inches in length.

From beer to champagne, wine or tequila, the tool can also cut different shapes of bottles so you can create unique decorations in just a few easy steps.

It is delivered with all necessary accessories to get you started, including a spare cutting blade, 6 fixing rubber rings, 2 pieces of sandpaper, 2 spare screws, a cleaning sponge to remove all dust, residue, and debris, and a pair of gloves to protect your hands from cuts and open wounds.



The product comes with a solid base made of stainless steel that won’t corrode in time, remaining sturdy and reliable, even for newbies.

The six fixing rubber rings are easy to attach and help you perfectly fix any type of bottle on the base, regardless of its shape or size, so you can get a clean cut in just a few moves.

By ordering this bottle cutter you’ll also receive a handful of other accessories to help you easily assemble the device and start working with it right away, even if you have limited experience with DIY projects.

The spare cutting blade prolongs the life of your cutter and helps you enjoy more than 100,000 uses, enough to exercise and perfect your glass cutting techniques.



Square bottles are usually trickier to cut so make sure you’re skilled enough to perform this kind of task as you might not be able to remove all imperfections in the bottle with the sandpaper provided with the kit.

Buy from for ($25.98)




Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Suffocated by plastic and trash, our planet needs to be taken care of like never before. This means that any recycling action, as little as it may seem, can positively impact the environment and help reduce pollution which is responsible for natural disasters and the disappearance of hundreds of species of plants and animals yearly.

So why not recycle glass and turn it into a cute decoration that not only looks cool but is also useful? If you’re a wine lover, you don’t have to throw away the empty bottles. Instead, with the right wine bottle glass cutter, you can cut and reshape it to become a candle holder, a small vase or any other type of decoration for your home or garden.

And, since the sky’s the limit for your imagination, all you need is the right cutter to help you get started. Here are some useful tips on how to make sure you picked the perfect item that matches your DIY skills and allows you to turn any type of glass into a small piece of art.

Sturdy base

The first thing you will notice in any bottle cutter is the base where you are supposed to attach the bottle to be later cut. To make sure the bottle remains in place and the blade won’t slip causing an uneven cut, the base should be made of sturdy materials.

Although real wood may seem like a good and natural choice, you should take into account that it will change its appearance, color, and resistance in time. It can be affected by moisture and, if left untreated, it can be easily eaten by insects. Plastic is no better either as it’s not strong enough to keep both the bottle and the blade in one place.

If you’re looking for a tool that will last in time and won’t corrode, chip or break easily, we suggest you choose cutters with a solid stainless steel base. It should come with an anti-grip bottom to easily keep it in place and prevent it from causing injuries or uneven cuts to the bottle.


Fixing rings

Not all bottles are the same and you will require fixing rings if you want to keep them sturdy on the base and make sure you cut them right. Whether we’re talking about rubber or PU rings, these small accessories are essential for a smooth, even, and easy cut.

Although most wine bottles won’t require more than three fixing rings to keep them in place, you may have to install the remaining rings on your own for other shapes of bottles.


High-quality cutting blade

The blade is the most important part of the cutter so make sure it is made of high-quality materials that won’t go blunt after a few uses. It should be sharp enough to easily help you cut various sizes and shapes of bottles in just a few moves, without requiring too much work to finish the newly created item with the help of sandpaper.

Accessories included

The right product will also be delivered with a full set of accessories to enhance your working experience and help you finish all your projects as soon as possible. You should look for kits that include drill bits, screwdrivers, extra screws and blades, rubber rings, sandpaper, gloves, and cleaning accessories.

Out of all these items, the protective gloves are amongst the most important as they are made of special materials that will prevent cuts and injuries from glass residues. Never use the wine cutter without wearing your gloves, as well as a pair of protective goggles to protect your eyes too.

The sandpaper is necessary to finish and polish every new piece of decoration you create as no blade is 100% accurate. Use the provided pieces of sandpaper to smooth and round the shapes of candle supports or vases so that you won’t risk cutting yourself in the tiny pieces of irregular glass remaining.

Some cutters are also delivered with a cleaning sponge to easily remove all dust, debris, and residues remaining after each job and make sure you preserve the quality of the blade and the base in time.

If you don’t mind paying a little extra, you might also receive a replacement blade to continue making precise cuts after the first one goes blunt. The extra blade shouldn’t be difficult to install, which leads us to our next point in this buying guide.


Ease of installation

Before ordering your new cutter, make sure the item is delivered with full, step-by-step instructions. Although most products won’t have a lot of accessories to fit or assemble, keep in mind that you will be working with sharp and dangerous objects so they need to stay still to prevent cuts and potential injuries.

It goes without saying that the instructions should 100% match the photos provided and should make use of all the accessories you receive in your bag, alongside the cutter. Generally speaking, there should be some spares for certain parts, including the wheels, blade, sandpaper, and screws but they should be mentioned separately.

If you have doubts about the product you are about to purchase, we suggest going through some online wine bottle cutter reviews, and read the opinions and feedback of other customers. If most people who purchased the same item gave positive reviews, you should trust the quality of the cutter you are ordering.

Similarly, look for the negative parts and decide whether or not the problems mentioned by other customers would be a dealbreaker for you.

To sum up, your new bottle cutter should feature a sturdy, solid base that won’t slip when working with glass. The blade must be sharp and made of the highest quality diamond carbide to easily cut through any type of bottle, regardless of its shape or size.

The product should also deliver clean cuts that won’t leave too much residue behind and won’t force you to extensively make use of sandpaper to smooth it. Lastly, make sure all the necessary accessories for assembling and using the bottle cutter are included in the bag.




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