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Mount Vesuvius Erupting

Mount Vesuvius erupting in Campania wine vacation

So you have decided to go to Campania, a region of southern Italy bordering on the Tyrrhenian Sea. This beautiful region contains the ancient cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii preserved forever by Mount Vesuvius almost two thousand years ago. Then head west and see Naples, the regional capital that was once the third largest city in Europe. Go underground to visit the vast network of Greco-Roman reservoirs and tunnels. Of course there’s lots to see above ground such as the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) and the Castel dell’Ovo (Egg Castle) plus museums and historic neighborhoods. As always, watch your belongings. West of Naples you’ll find several towns worth visiting, such as Baia, an Ancient Roman resort. Check out the Isle of Ischia with its beautiful gardens. Save some time and money to enjoy the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri, very upscale tourist destinations.

Fiano di Avellino in Campania wine tours

Campania is home to three DOCG wines, all produced in several areas but mostly in the wooded hills near the city of Avellino in central Campania. Fiano di Avellino comes from the local Fiano grape with a small percentage of some other white grapes. Greco di Tufo is mostly made from the local Greco grape and may be sparkling as well as dry. Taurasi is made mostly from the red Aglianico.

Major white grape varieties include Falanghina at its best on the Amalfi coast and the neighboring region of Molise, Fiano, Greco, and Coda di Volpe. These are mostly local varieties. The top reds are Aglianico which is also claimed by neighboring Basilicata and Piedirosso.

Companies selling regional wine tours include Cellar Tours, See Amalfi Coast, Sea & Sky Italy, and Wine Tour Italia. Regional wineries that accept visits include Terredora in Montefusco, Villa Matilde in Cellole that also offers a wellness center with a swimming pool, Castello Ducale in Castel Campagnano that does agrotourism, and I Borboni in Lusciano. A few words of warning are in order. Make sure that you check ahead of time for opening hours and whether English is spoken. Some places may charge admission; others may expect you to buy some of their products.

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