A Baden, Germany Gewurtztraminer

In this article we are going to be tasting a German white wine, more precisely a Gewurtztraminer from the Baden region of Germany...

Gewurztraminer Grapes

Gewurztraminer grapes in tasting cheap wine

Baden is the southernmost German wine region; the one that includes the famous Baden-Baden resort. While Gewurtztraminer is a popular white grape variety, it hasnít been planted much in this area. If you like trivia, youíll be interested to know that while the average German drinks 32 bottles of wine a year, Baden residents exceed a bottle a week at 53 per year. When you read our review maybe you will know why.

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Wine Reviewed
Baden Gewurztraminer 2007 11.8% alcohol about $9

Letís start by quoting the marketing materials. Tasting Note: Pale yellow color; floral/spicy aromas; soft semi-sweet fruit flavor; persistent finish. Serving suggestion: Oriental buffet; smoked salmon; mildly spiced foods. And now for my reactions.

Gewurztraminer late harvest wine in tasting cheap wine

This wine has a very pleasant floral aroma; it is acidic and slightly sweet. You could easily drink this wine on its own. The first meal was a chicken leg marinated overnight in a sauce with dates and onions and then baked. Side dishes included butter squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin cooked in olive oil and Italian spices. The wine was not imposing but had a very pleasant taste that was somewhat floral. I already know that there is no way that a drop of this Gewurtztraminer will go down the drain. For dessert I had a piece of cherry strudel, unfortunately the end piece. And the wine became more acidic. Overall, it had quite a nice length.

The next meal consisted of a cheddar cheese omelet with sides of jalapeno hummus and a commercial oriental tomato salsa. Now I found the wine long and tangy, with a definite taste of green apples. It was just a tad sweet. In the presence of the salsa the wine became weaker but remained round. It was able to stand up to the spicy hummus. At first I didnít enjoy it with some fruit juice candy but as time went on the pairing improved.

My final meal was centered around green peppers stuffed with rice and ground meat, a combination of chicken and beef. The wine was light and yet mouth-filling. It had a good length. By the way, a sharp eye and/or taste buds could distinguish between two somewhat different types of green pepper, one more bitter than the other. And our liquid chameleon was able to adjust itself to match the two types.

I ended the bottle with two local cheeses. In the presence of a white Muenster the wine was round and refreshing with just a tiny bit of acidity. And when paired with a yellow Cheddar it became somewhat more forceful and a little sweet. I finished the remaining wine with a high-quality chocolate-covered ice cream bar. The wine didnít lose its sweetness or acidity, but frankly these two fine products did not mesh.

Final verdict. This wine is a keeper. Sooner or later I want to go another round, expanding the pairings.

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