A Northern Italian Rosé

Venice is expensive. Can you get good, cheap wine in that neighborhood?...

Merlot Rosato

Merlot Rosato

Over the years I have reviewed several wines from the Veneto (as in Venice) region of northeastern Italy. The MGM Mondo Del Vino winery was founded in 1991. They produce some 25 million bottles and 4.5 million 3-liter bag in a box wines annually. This amounts to well over 40 million bottles a year. They have vineyards in 8 regions of Italy. Their site refers to 9 lines of wine but does not mention the Mezzomondos. Company production facilities are mostly in the little town of Priocca in the Piedmont. Their offices are mostly in the provincial capital of Forli, Emilia-Romagna, which may have been founded in Julius Caesar’s salad days. Forli has a very rich history. You can get a peek at how it looked in the Fifteenth Century by enjoying Ubisoft’s 2009 Assasins Creed II. Our companion wine is a South Australian Sangiovese rosé at about twice the price.

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Wine Reviewed
Mezzomondo Rosato Merlot Veneto IGT 2010 12 % alcohol about $8.

Let’s start with the marketing materials “Tasting Note : Light pink color; spicy, strawberry and citrus aromas; dry, light body; citrus flavor and crisp finish. Serving Suggestion : Serve with light pastas or salads. “ And now for my review.

At the first sips this wine was fairly dark and short with good acidity. The first meal centered on slow-cooked round steak that lightened and sweetened this drink. The accompanying potatoes had the effect of sharpening this libation but it still came up short. When paired with green beans bathing in a sauce of crushed tomatoes, our Italian friend became rounder and sweeter. Chinese chili sauce on the meat made the rosé pick up to greet the spiciness. Fresh strawberries brought out darkness and a burnt taste in my glass but the wine was weak.

My next meal’s focus was sautéed chicken breast nuggets, spiced with coriander, black pepper, caraway seeds, and crushed chili peppers. Now this Venetian tasted of green apples with refreshing acidity. Quinoa with green peas strengthened its acidity. Steamed broccoli rendered the liquid metallic and sweet. Fresh pineapple made it very weak. In response to Swiss Dark Chocolate with Orange Flavor and Almonds the libation was dark with low acidity and not much fruit.

My final meal started with sweet, not savory Japanese rice crackers containing peanuts that took away the wine’s fruit while imparting a light sweetness.. Then came a boxed Baked Ziti Siciliano that I doused with grated Parmesan cheese. Now the liquid offered good acidity, and yet I couldn’t help but think that this wine was fairly tasteless. Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream gutted my drink down to nothingness.

Final verdict. I will not buy this wine again and won’t put the winery’s other offerings at anywhere near the top of my list.

Access the companion wine A South Australia Rosé Sangiovese.

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