Near Weekly Cheap Wine Reviews - Second Quarter 2011

Times are tough. Don't give up on life's little pleasures. Nearly every week we will review a $15 bottle of wine, pairing it with food and cheese and give you our unbiased opinion...

You are a few clicks away from finding a wine bargain or you may save your hard-earned money by avoiding a wine that couldn't justify its seemingly low price. Our ground rules are fairly simple. Mostly importantly we are completely independent. We pay full price for any and all reviewed wines. Keep coming back, when we say nearly every week we mean it. And check out other series of wine reviews. We can help you avoid the dogs, even the expensive dogs.

A Wine Lover's Nearly Weekly Review Of $15 Wine
An Israeli Galil Mountain Rose
A Margaret River Australia Rose
A Venice, Italy Pinot Grigio
Yet Another Tavel Rosť
A Galilee, Israel Shiraz
Another Sonoma County California Chardonnay
A Galilee, Israel Merlot
Yet Another Languedoc, France Viognier
A Pinot Gris From Alsace, France
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