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Wine gifts are very popular...

What Gift Beats Champagne And Chocolate?

Champagne and chocolate

Champagne and chocolate. What a gift. Between you and me, do you think they'll even notice that there's no basket?

Wine Baskets And Gifts - They'll Love You For It

It seems that almost everyone likes giving them, to say nothing of being on the receiving end. If you aren't sure how to maximize your wine gift budget and time read these articles. Our guest authors cover the subject well, discussing a variety of subjects including wine glasses, wine baskets, wine and cheese baskets, glasses, wine clubs, accessories, and a relative newcomer that's sure to please, ice wine. Of course, we didn't forget that all time gift favorite, Champagne. Get reading and get rolling, the gift season is upon us. For a different perspective and more information check out our guest articles on buying wine.

About Champagne
Author: Emma Everson

Champagne is certainly a gift to be appreciated, at Christmas or any time of year. But it is pricey. Read what Everson has to say before hitting the shelves. Everson covers the basics and includes some valuable information that you may not already know. Suppose, just suppose that you and your guests choose not to finish a bottle of the bubbly. Do you know what to do to protect its contents? Everson will tell you.

" ... You can even create your own classic wine-and-food matches, if you are passionate about these things. Champagne is, indubitably, the most known beverage in the world. ..."

About Champagne

Christmas Gift Wine - How To Get It Right
Author: Elaine Berry

Berry presents some very concrete suggestions on which wines to get for Christmas gifts many of which are moderately priced. And guess what, you can give these wines all year round, even to yourself.

" It seems to come round sooner every year. The time many of us dread - and we can't put it off any longer. The time we have to decide what Christmas gifts to get for our family and friends...
But there is an easier way. Have you thought of wine as a Christmas gift? ... ...

Christmas Gift Wine - How To Get It Right

Buying Wine: Frost Bite - Ice Wine Is More Than Just Frozen Grapes
Author: Ken Finnigan

Ice wine is a relatively new product that makes a great gift. The price is moderate, and the taste is delicious. Furthermore many of the bottles and their packaging are quite festive. Not sure how to get started? Read Finnigan's excellent article before filling your cart.

" Whereas regular wines might take days or weeks to ferment, ice wines can take months due to the higher sugar content. Even though it is normal for the sugar content in ice wine to run from 180 g/L up to as high as 320 g/L ice wine remains very refreshing because of the high acidity. Ice wine usually has a medium to full body, with a lingering finish while the nose is ... "
Frost Bite - Ice Wine Is More Than Just Frozen Grapes

The Finest Wine Accessories
Author: Mike Selvon

Have you got wine lovers on your gift list and don't feel comfortable giving them the right one? Don't despair. They are sure to love wine accessories. Selvon gives you lots of special ideas on major accessories and how to select them.

"...These accessories can be anything from the proper glasses to the proper bottle opener to a cork saver. Wine accessories are as important as the wine itself, to some, and to others wine accessories represent a way of life. "
The Finest Wine Accessories

Giving The Gift Of Wine
Author: Jennifer Jordan

Jordan covers the basics of wine gift giving and makes some special suggestions for unique wine-related gifts that are sure to please. When you read her article you'll chuckle, and you'll take notes.

"However, there are certain gifts that allow for avoidance of long lines, screaming children, and the "Sold Out" signs sure to plague the Tickle Me Elmo section of local department stores. One of these is the gift of wine, a gift that represents friendship, celebration, and so much health that it runs a close second to giving a kidney... "
Giving The Gift Of Wine

Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets
Author: Alison Cole

You may think that choosing a wine and cheese basket is complicated. After all, you have to choose the right wine, the right cheese, and a pair that go together. Cole tells you how to make the best choice without breaking your budget.

"...Wine and cheese gift baskets are the ideal gifts for weddings and anniversaries, and adding a personalized touch to the gifts can make them all the more special. This timeless combination of wine and cheese is always appreciated by almost everyone who enjoys wine. The fact that different varieties of cheese enhance the flavor of the wine... "
Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine Club Memberships Are Excellent Gifts For Others Or Yourself
Author: Karen Kirby

There are two types of wine clubs. In one variety members go to their meetings and enjoy the wine and the company. In the other variety the club ships you wine on a regular, usually monthly basis. They both make great gifts. Kirby discusses each of them.

"For those with a taste for the exotic, a membership to a wine club that offers international wines may be a good option. The cost may be more, but the wines that are offered by clubs that provide international selections are generally... "
Wine Club Memberships Are Excellent Gifts For Others Or Yourself

Wine Glasses
Author: April Rounsville

I'll bet that most of the wine drinkers on your gift list can use some more wine glasses. They may be short on decanters as well. Who better than an experienced bartender to help you out in making your selections? Rounsville presents her ideas on wine glasses and decanters.

" Did you know that decanters serve a purpose and are not merely pretty vessels in which to store wine or liquor? Especially when it comes to sediment rich fluids such as red wines, a decanter "
Wine Glasses