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Of course everyone claims that Hippocrates would be on his or her side in any medical debate...

Hippocrates, The Father Of Medecine

Hippocrates, the father of medecine

Take a look at these articles and remember if half the claims are true that's still a lot.

Wine And Health - A Glass Or Two A Day

Wine and health. Don't believe all the hype. Drinking one or two glasses of wine a day will not solve all your health problems. And drinking one or two bottles of wine a day will most assuredly exacerbate any existing health problems, in addition to causing new ones. However, as you will see in these articles, drinking wine in moderation may lead to health benefits, some of which may be unexpected. While we do not necessarily agree with each author's affirmations, we only present articles that we feel are of value. We plan to add relevant articles from time to time.

Beer, Wine and Your Bones
Author: Michele Webb

Most of the time when people talk about the positive effects of wine on health, they are referring to a potential reduction in heart disease and the benefits of relaxation. Webb examines an additional benefit that wine, in moderation, may bring.

"Now, if you are not a beer or a wine drinker, don't start now just to promote bone growth. There are other ways to get silicon, and let us not forget that alcohol consumption raises other health risks such as osteoporosis itself. So, if you are interested..."
Beer, Wine and Your Bones

Red Wine Compound May Extend Life
Author: Dr. John Roberts

Dr. Roberts reports on research on flies and worms that may be applicable to mice and even human beings.

"Flies and humans share many biological processes. Therefore, there is a chance this red wine compound may also extend life in humans.

Previous studies have found..."
Red Wine Compound May Extend Life

The Truth About Red Wine and Heart Disease?
Author: Nicholas Webb

Free radicals, oxidation, low density lipoproteins, antioxidants, and coronary heart disease. These technical terms, and others, are interwoven into a very readable discussion of the potential benefits of red wine.

"What is so special about wine? What is it that makes it potentially more protective against coronary heart disease, and perhaps other diseases, than other forms of alcohol?"
The Truth About Red Wine and Heart Disease?

Understand Wine and Your Health
Author: Stuart Glasure

Glasure explains several potential health benefits of wine, some of which you may not be aware of.

"Many studies suggested that moderate amount of red wine (one to two glasses a day) lowers the risk of heart attack..."
Understand Wine and Your Health

Wine and Beer Are Good for Us? Yes! (Second in a Series)
Author: Lisa J. Lehr

This article lays out the potential health benefits of wine and beer. But it's not mere cheerleading. Lehr lists categories of people who should avoid alcohol. Let's hope that you're not included.

"As with tea vs. coffee, it is uncertain whether the relative healthfulness of beer vs. wine might be due to social and economic factors. Wine drinkers were found to have higher IQs, more education..."
Wine and Beer Are Good for Us? Yes! (Second in a Series)

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