Pairing Wine And Food

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One of the classic food and wine combinations is shown below...

A Classic Wine and Food Pairing

Fois gras and a dessert wine

There is something about the richness of fois gras and the sweetness of a fine dessert wine that just hits the spot for many a gourmet. Of course, you may not like either or you may not like the combination. Keep reading, clicking, pouring, and tasting. And make sure to note your favorite wine and food combinations. While you're at it, why not record the wine and food combinations that didn't work for you?

Our Food and Wine Pairing Suggestions

Did you pick a an exotic bottle at the local wine store and you don't know what to serve with it? Did your butcher sell you an unfamiliar cut of meat and you aren't sure which wine to accompany it? General guidelines and specific suggestions to pairing wine and food are only a click away. And if you want more information about a specific wine or wine variety, just click again.

Wine food purchase guide icon We have substantially added food information to our wine and food pairing tables. You can easily find wine pairing with specific foods such as veal piccata. When you click on any dish a new page pops up discussing that dish. This short page makes additional wine pairing recommendations.

We have substantially added wine information to our wine and food pairing tables. When you click on any wine a new page pops up telling you what you need to know about that wine. This short page makes wine and food pairing recommendations and recommends specific wine purchases, usually in three price ranges.

Not everyone looks for information in the same way. Sometimes people start with the wine they want to serve and wonder what would be the right foods. So we just completed an alphabetic list (did you ever notice how much we like the alphabet?) of twenty-six tables to accompany your chosen wine. For example, if you're are interested in food pairing suggestions for a Chardonnay, click the letter C below to access our food pairing suggestions for Chardonnay, along with some other C wines such as Chianti and Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy! And work your way through the alphabet, slowly.
Click any letter for food pairing information for wines starting with that letter

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Guidelines To Pairing Wine And Food

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Pairing Meat And Wine
This category summarizes the previous ones.

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Pairing Salad And Wine

If you are looking for wine and food pairing information information this is the place to start. We have lots of specific suggestions, whether you have selected the wine and are looking for a food pairing, or selected the food and are looking for a wine pairing.

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