Veal Parmigiana And Wine

Which wine with Veal Parigiana?...

Veal Parmigiana, Which Wine?

Veal Parmigiana on Spaghetti what wine?

Veal Parmigiana on Spaghetti, not just Spaghetti and Meat Balls.

What You Need To Know About Veal Parmigiana And Wine

Italian-style Veal Parmigiana is a fairly simple but delicious. It's fried Veal Cutlets in a Tomato and grated Parmesan Cheese sauce. Cheat on the cheese and you won't get the same results.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider an Italian Brunello de Montalcino or Amarone. Frankly, with such names did I have to tell you these great wines are Italian?

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