The Vinho Verde Wine And Food Experience

What food with Vinho Verde wine?...

Vinho Verde Wine And Food Pairing

Portuguese vinho verde

Do we have to translate vinho verde from the Portuguese?

What You Need To Know About Vinho Verde Wine And Food

Vinho Verde is a dry, light, fizzy Portuguese white wine usually consumed quite young. It may taste of lemon, lime, or other citrus fruits. Suggested food pairings include Boiled Shrimp, Fried Fish, and Sardines.

Vinho Verde wine usually starts at about $6-7. Step up to the $8 range and get the melon, nectarine, and white peach flavored Aveleda Vinho Verde Quinta da Aveleda. Spend about $3 more for the ripe lime, lemon, peach tasting Casa de Vila Verde Vinho Verde. This wine is much less acidic than most Vinho Verdes. They are both bargains. If you are uneasy buying such inexpensive wine try the vanilla bean, cream, peach, and honeydew flavored Alvarinho, Quinta da Pedra for about $13. At these prices you might want to experiment with food pairings.

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