Seafood Stew (Tomato-Based) And Wine

What wine with Tomato-Based Seafood Stew?...

Seafood Stew (Tomato-Based), Which Wine?

Cioppino Tomato-Based Seafood Stew what wine?

Cioppino, a San Francisco Tomato-Based Seafood Stew.

What You Need To Know About Tomato-Based Seafood Stew And Wine

Cioppino is a famous Tomato-Based Seafood Stew that originated in San Francisco when Italian fishermen, at least according to legend, cooked up the leftovers from the day's catch. The main ingredient is usually crab (and never the surimi ersatz crab) garnished by all kinds of seafood, and perhaps some fish as well.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider a Pinot Blanc or a dry Rosť.

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