Lobster And Wine

What wine with Lobster?...

Lobster, Which Wine?

Lobster with Chardonnay sauce what wine?

You can add Chardonnay to the pairing list.

What You Need To Know About Lobster And Wine

Lobster meat is tastier when prepared fresh instead of frozen. Most of the meat is in the tail and front claws, but don't neglect the legs and torso. Lobster can be boiled or steamed, or used in a wide array of dishes and salads. Once of the best sauces is so simple, melt some butter.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider a Sparkling Brut wine, or a French Roussanne or Marsanne. Don't ruin an excellent Lobster by pairing it with an inferior wine. (Or by using Margarine in the sauce.)

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