The Albarino Wine And Food Experience

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Albarino Wine And Food Pairing

Albarino wine label

Label on an inexpensive Albarino wine

What You Need To Know About Albarino Wine And Food

Albarino is a variety of white grape in the northwestern region of Spain and northern Portugual. It is known for fruit flavors. Suggested food pairings for Albarino wines include Fried Shrimp or Oysters and Sushi and Sushami (light fish).

Albarino wine starts at about $9. Try the Martin Codax Albarino from the Bodegas de Vilarino-Cambados for about $12 a dry wine tasting of lemon, grapefruit, melon, and minerals. This wine is a bargain. The Comercial Oula Albariņo Rias Baixas at about $18 is a good choice. It tastes of tangerine, peach, herbs. The Lusco do Mino Pazo Pineiro de Lusco costs about $42. It bursts with quince, ginger, and almonds, complemented by great acidity. All these three wines come from the Rias Baixis region of northwestern Spain, said by many to be the home of Spain's best white wines.

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