Tabbouleh Salad And Wine

What wine with Tabbouleh Salad?...
Tabbouleh Salad what wine?

Tabbouleh Salad calls for the right wine pairing.

What You Need To Know About Tabbouleh Salad And Wine

Tabbouleh is a Middle-Eastern dish, whose primary ingredients are bulgur, finely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, scallion, and other herbs with lemon juice, olive oil and various seasonings, generally including black pepper and sometimes cinnamon and allspice. Interestingly enough in Lebanon people tend to enjoy Tabbouleh on lettuce leaves, whereas in the United States it is often eaten with pita bread.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider a Vinho Verde, a Riesling, or a dry Rosť.

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