The Pouilly-Fumé Wine And Food Experience

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Pouilly-Fumé Wine And Food Pairing

Pouilly-Fumé wine comes from the Loire Valley, France

What You Need To Know About Pouilly-Fumé Wine And Food

Pouilly-Fumé is a white wine tasting of gooseberries, gunflint, and smoke made in the Loire Valley of central France. It comes from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. Suggested food pairings include tomato-based Fish Stew, Seafood Salad, and Spinach Salad.

Pouilly-Fumé is often sold in half bottles. It starts at about $12, but I have seen some offerings at a lot less. The Baron de L Pouilly-Fumé from the producer De Ladoucette is considered one of the best Pouilly-Fumés at about $70. You'll find mineral, lime, grapefruit, vanilla, cream, and tea flavors in this great wine. as is Didier Dagueneau's En Chailloux Pouilly-Fumé at about $100 may be even better with its key lime, grapefruit, and chalk flavors. This is one heck of a powerful, rich wine. (It helps if you are rich too). Both producers make less prestigeous Pouilly-Fumé wines that can be very good.

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