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What You Need To Know About Frascati Wine And Food

Frascati is a light, fruity, unpretentious white wine made of Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes grown in the hills near Rome in Central Italy. The closeness of Rome is probably what keeps most Frascati wines so pedestrian. It seems that not everyone in the huge Roman market is discriminating when it comes to wine. Don't get me wrong; there are some fine Frascatis but you have to find them as discussed below. Suggested food pairings include Seafood Cocktail and Tuna Salad.

One of the better Frascati producers is Fontana Candida. Their basic Frascati Superiore DOC costs only about $7 or $8 and tastes of melon and apple. . It's not hard to move up to their Fontana Candida, Santa Teresa, Frascati DOC at $11. If you care to spend about $18, try the Castel de Paolis, Frascati Superiore DOC with delicate citrus, cantaloupe, and herb flavors. It has a medium length. Did you expect something long at that price? Our final Frascati recommendation is the Castel de Paolis, Vigna Adriana, Frascati Superiore DOC, which costs about $25. Its flavors include butterscotch, cantaloupe, lime and a bit of evergreen. If you collect wine labels this one was designed by Umberto Mastroianni famous in his own right as an artist and the uncle of that great actor, Marcello Mastroianni.

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