The Zinfandel Wine And Food Experience

What food with Zinfandel wine?...

Zinfandel Wine And Food Pairing

Bottle of old vine Zinfandel wine

Some of the Zinfandel vines are centuries old, brimming with flavor

What You Need To Know About Zinfandel Wine And Food

Zinfandel is a food-friendly wine, pairable with a variety of Beef, Pork, Game, Lamb, Chicken, Fowl, Cheese, Pizza, and other dishes. It is usually a highly alcoholic, fruity red wine but some like it white. I don't. It is the second most-widely planted red grape in California, and found in many other areas of the world.

Among the recommended California Zinfandels are the Ravenswood, Sonoma County Old Vine for about $18. This acidic wine has cherry and raspberry flavors and can be aged for 5 to 10 years. Lolonis and Fife Vineyards at about $18 a bottle. If you can spend about that much for a half bottle consider the Ridge Vineyards Lytton Springs Zinfandel with its powerful boysenberry, ripe cherry, licorice, and toasted herb tastes. You can age this wine up to about 8 years. In the same price range the De Loach Forgotten Vines is unforgettable with a great plummy taste. Take a look at their Nova Vineyard Zinfandel which offers blueberry and cocoa for about the same price. I don't care for White Zinfandel. Perhaps I'm missing a good one and am always ready to taste and change my mind. Let me know if you disagree.

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