The Riesling Wine And Food Experience

What food with Riesling wine?...
Riesling with salad

Riesling Wine And Food Pairing

Riesling wine seems to pair well with almost all foods except red meat

What You Need To Know About Riesling Wine And Food

Riesling is one of those very food friendly wines. Our pairing tables list it for most but not all food categories. Riesling is the signature grape of Germany and is grown elsewhere including in the United States. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Riesling is always sweet. Many are but many aren't.

Riesling starts at about $10 a bottle and can go sky high. A lot of the medium and high priced German Rieslings have the word Doctor on their label. But as so often, a word on the label is no guarantee of quality. Generally speaking German wines with a QBA on their label are lower-quality than those with a QMP. As always, exceptions abound. Make sure that you are aware of a Riesling's sweetness so that you get what you want. I have found that some of the better slightly sweet Rieslings pair unexpectedly well with food even when I wasn't looking for sugar on my palate.

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