The Pinot Noir Wine And Food Experience

What food with Pinot Noir wine?...

Pinot Noir Wine And Food Pairing

Burgundy Pinot Noir wine

Burgundy the classic home of Pinot Noir wine

What You Need To Know About Pinot Noir Wine And Food

Pinot Noir is one of the most food-friendly wines. With very few exceptions our wine and food pairing tables include entries for this great wine. A signature grape variety in Burgundy France and the state of Oregon, this tempermental and sometimes great grape is grown in an ever extending list of counties and regions.

Experiment. There are so many Pinot Noirs out there. Some major producers such as Tortoise Creek and Barton & Guestier sell Languedoc-Roussillon Pinot Noir wine for about $10 a bottle. It's hard to find Oregon or other American Pinot Noir at that price but a $20 bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir should be better than one of those $10 French bottles. Remember that many of the finest Bordeaux French wines are products of this noble little grape.

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