The Dry Gewurztraminer Wine And Food Experience

What food with dry Gewurztraminer wine?...

Dry Gewurztraminer Wine And Food Pairing

An Alsatian Gewurztraminer

Alsace is one of the best locations for Gewurztraminer wine

What You Need To Know About Gewurztraminer Wine And Food

Gewurztraminer is quite a food-friendly wine. A classic combination is a dry Gewurz (fans love to abbreviate its name) with the delicious pork-sauerkraut combination known as Choucroute. Other food pairings include spicy Chinese, Indian, or Mexican food, Foie Gras, Patés, Smoked Fish, and Thai food. In addition to Alsace, Gewurztraminer is produced in Germany (where the u is spelled ü), in the United States and many European countries.

Generally speaking, you will do fairly well with a Gewurztraminer AOC from Alsace. You can store most of them for 3-10 years. Try to avoid the Edelzwicker AOC, literally translated as Noble Blend, which it usually isn't. Trimbach and Zind-Humbrecht are two producers to look for but there are many others. You may pay more for Vielles Vignes (old vines).

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