The Beaujolais Villages Wine And Food Experience

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Beaujolais Villages Wine And Food Pairing

Beaujolais villages wine label

Thirty-eight villages in Beaujolais are allowed to say Beaujolais villages on their wine labels

What You Need To Know About Beaujolais Villages Wine And Food

Beaujolais Villages wine is made from the Gamay red grape in designated villages within the Beaujolais region of southeastern France. These wines tend to be higher quality than Beaujolais wines without this designation.

Beaujolais Villages wines may be substituted for Beaujolais when it comes to food. And remember, almost every one of our food categories contains at least one recommendation for Beaujolais wine. Beaujolais Villages will cost you a few dollars more than ordinary Beaujolais wine. It is probably worth paying. You can store Beaujolais Villages red wines for three to eight years, over twice as long as their pedestrian cousins. The Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais Villages at about $10 is a basic recommendation. It is quite fruity giving one the impression of blueberries, peaches, and strawberries. The Bouchard Pere & Fils version in the $13 range has sour cherry, strawberry and spice flavors.

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