The Cabernet Franc Wine And Food Experience

What food with Cabernet Franc wine?...

Cabernet Franc Wine And Food Pairing

Hungarian Cabernet Franc Vineyard

Cabernet Franc Wine And Food Pairing

Cabernet Franc and other grapes grow in this vineyard in Sopron in western Hungary

What You Need To Know About Cabernet Franc Wine And Food

Cabernet Franc reaches its height in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, France. It is grown elsewhere in Europe and in the United States, especially in California and New York. Cabernet Franc wines are highly acidic with moderate tannins. They are aromatic and spicy, have berry flavors, and tend to age well. Cabernet Franc is a major component of Bordeaux wines, many of which are world class. Popular food pairings include Cassoulet, Rabbit, Pineapple and Ham Pizza, and Camembert Cheese.

Cabernet Franc wine starts at about $9, but don't expect a Bordeaux blend at that price. For about $18-20 you can try the plummy, spicy Long Island Millbrook Cabernet Franc with refreshing acidity and soft tannins. This wine is not pure Cabernet Franc but includes about 20% Merlot, and about 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. As an added bonus, this winery's owner is said to have coined the phrase "I Love New York." For about the same price you can get a (pure) Hargrave Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Franc. This rich wine's predominant flavors are red berry, blackberry, and black tea. Their claim to fame is different, Hargrave Vineyards is Long Island's first vineyard, established in 1973. Again in the same price range Keuka Spring Winery in the Finger Lakes District of New York produces a prize-winning Cabernet Franc whose predominant taste is raspberry. It's not often that we mention three moderately priced wines from the same grape (almost) and the same area. Why not buy all three and conduct your own wine tasting?

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