Pasta Tomato Sauce (uncooked) And Wine

Which wine with Pasta and uncooked Tomato Sauce?...

Pasta Tomato Sauce (uncooked), Which Wine?

Pasta Tomato Sauce (uncooked) what wine?

Pasta with uncooked Tomato Sauce calls for the right wine pairing.

What You Need To Know About Pasta Tomato Sauce (uncooked) And Wine

There is no rule that states you must have tomato sauce with your pasta. Furthermore, these is no rule that states you must cook your tomato sauce. If the tomatoes are ripe and good to eat try chopping them coarsely and adding crushed garlic, chopped basil, olive oil, salt, and pepper. There are many variations including balsamic vinegar, olives, capers, and cheese. You should let the mixture stand for at least half an hour to about two hours before adding it to freshly cooked pasta. Does this take more time than opening a can? Yes. Is it worth it? Try it before answering.

In addition to the wines mentioned in our food pairing table you might consider a Pinot Noir or an Italian Barbera.

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