The Bourgueil Wine And Food Experience

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Bourgueil Wine And Food Pairing

Vineyard in Bourgueil Loire Valley France

Bourgueil is yet another reason to visit the Loire Valley in northwestern France

What You Need To Know About Bourgueil Wine And Food

Bourgueil is a fruity, dry red wine made in Touraine in the Loire Valley of northwestern France. Flavors include cassis, rasberry, and violets. It is based on the Cabernet Franc grape variety. Suggested food pairings include Shisk Kabob (Lamb Kabobs) and Grilled Salmon.

Bourgueil wine is usually in the $15 to $20 or $25 range. If you can get a bottle made from grapes grown on south-facing slopes (coteaux) as they are more full-bodied and can be kept longer. Yannick Amirault is a well-known producer. His Bourgueil La Coudraye is a good choice at about $20 but should be consumed about five years after bottling to soften the tannins. Go for the neighboring St.-Nicholas-De-Bourgueil wines, especially those from JoŽl Taluau which I have seen listed for $17.50, even less by the case. These wines are fruity and floral.

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