The Shiraz Wine And Food Experience

What food with Shiraz?...

Near Shiraz, Iran

Waterfalls near Shiraz, Iran

Waterfalls near Shiraz, Iran. Many say that wine started in this area

What You Need To Know About Shiraz Wine And Food

Shiraz is the signature red grape variety of Australia. Under the name Syrah and sometimes Shizah it is grown in the Rhône Valley of eastern France, California, South Africa, Argentina, and elsewhere. Specific food pairings include Game Steak (go for an Australian Shiraz), Confit de Duck, and Pasta Arabiata. Or go with the multiple Syrah food pairings.

You can find Shiraz at less than $10 a bottle but I would hesitate to buy anything at that price. Some people like the American Fish Eye Shiraz at about $20 for a three-liter box, yes a box. (This works out to the equivalent of $5 per bottle.) Improve this wine by decanting it. And make sure to keep something under the spigot. And you are promised plummy, cherry, and pepper flavors. You'll probably do better with the Argentinian Funky Llama Shiraz about the same price range in part because it comes in regular sized bottles. It's got lots of fruit and pepper. If you like these wines they are bargains. But I make no promises. Frankly there are no promises and plenty of disappointments in every price range. If you feel like spending about $50 try the South African Luddite Shiraz which is quite fruity and peppery. It's about 15% alcohol.